Travel to Visit

Do you like travelling?

We like it. Traveling allows us to better understand ourselves and the world we live in. Every new place we see, every different culture we touch develops and teaches us. Traveling does not means just see new places, it is to experience new things intertwined with other cultures and to discover the world from a different point of view. It is breaking the routine circle of the modern world and seeing the Earth from different perspectives.

On this site, we are trying to provide you with informations about where to go, why and how to go. Our goal is not just to convey places we've seen and visited. We think that traveling is one of the most basic needs and we aim to show ways to travel to those who are not yet experienced. 

Road stories, advice and photos you will read here, will inspire you about how you can do what you maybe have never done before next time.

You do not have to be rich to be able to travel! Travelling will show you what is really needs are  passion and courage. Anyone who is up to passion to travel, can learn to travel economically. The purpose of this website is to show that this is possible. If you did not forget to imagine, will provide you with this motivation.

There are several existence reasons of this website:

  • To keep the record of our exciting world travel between natural beauties and cultural riches filled with explorations, adventures and activities on different routes.
  • To inspire those who are hesitant about travel, motivating them. To show that making a world tour or traveling for a long time is not really far as much as will remain in the dreams.
  • To present new information and unique experiences to readers with quality content.