Top 5 Android Apps For A Comfortable Trip

Android apps make life easier, whether you have a short holiday or you make a world tour. On my travels, some Android travel apps make it easy to find directions, some of them provide to make a booking in a few minutes; While some save my life, some also entertain me. With the increase of Android smartphones, the number of Android applications also increase. The trip applications that facilitate our trips also increase rapidly. Free Android apps make travel more enjoyable. Here is the best Android apps I used during my trip:

Best Travel Android Apps

1. Hostelworld

Whether I am on the road or in a constant place, i list cheap accommodation options for the destination I will go from Hostelworld's free Android application menu. When I write the name of the city where I will go to the search box, it lists the hotels and hostels belonging to the city from among 27.000 registered hostels belonging to 6,000 destinations worldwide. I have 2 most important parameters when i analyze the listed hotels. One is the points that people who have stayed in the hotel previously gave for the hotel, the other is the evaluation comments written about the hotel. This constitutes my most important two sources which form my quality / price balance. Hostelworld's Android app includes more than 3.5 million reviews. 

With this Android application, It can get detailed informations about the hotel and information about the hotel's location in the city on the map. If the places I will visit in the city are gathered in one place, I prefer hotels close to it. Thus, my transportation costs decrease and I also save time. If you still do not know what the hostel is, take a 5-minute break and learn. You will not regret.


Couchsurfing, bringing together travel enthusiasts, the world's largest social travel community, is one of the most beautiful ways to discover different cultures. Beyond giving you free accommodation occasion, you learn cultures closely by staying in families home. With this free Android app, even while mobile, it made it easier for me to find people who will share their seat with me.

With the Couchsurfing Android app, I can list the profiles by destination to find the people who will welcome me, examine them, send requests to the hosts, and read incoming replies.

 3.Trip Advisor

TripAdvisor is the world's largest travel site which provides visitors to make excellent travel plans with monthly visitor numbers exceeding 375 million per month, more than 250 million user comments written by 84 million members.

TripAdvisor serves as a guide for those who plan to travel. There are a few things I need to plan when I decide to go to a country or a city. Where should I stay? Where to see? Where to eat? TripAdvisor Android travel app helps me to review the recommendations of people who have experienced the place where I am going to go, previously and make my travel plans.

4. XE Currency

My math is not good. It's hard to keep in mind how many dollars are currencies of each country I go to be equivalent to. It is one of the most useful applications among Android applications when traveling abroad.

International currency conversion application, Xe Currency can be used as offline on tablet or phone even internet is not connected.

5. Google Maps

Whether an Android-powered Samsung tablet or an iPhone or MacBook using IOS, one of my indispensable sources is Google Maps. With Google Maps, the best android navigation app for me, I can always find my way around geographical areas where I have trouble communicating. I search the places where i think that i should visit with TripAdvisor, on Google Maps.

While I leave a hotel which i stayed for the first time, I record the coordinates I located. If I have to go back to the hotel after visiting the city, I can easily go back to my hotel again by entering the hotel address. So i do not have to ask more addresses.

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