Interesting History of Pizza

Nowadays, pizza is seen as an easy and fast food kind. How was the birth of pizza which has a varieties of cheese, tomato , vegetable, chicken? This flavor coming to our doors with a simple phone now, born with simple reasons. The pizza made by placing tomatoes and cheese on a dough in Italy, has been the food of the poor for centuries. On that period, the goal was being full up rather than enjoying it.

The term "pizza" is seen in a Latin article dating back to the 10th century. This means that pizza is not actually a flavor that has emerged at the present time! This old and beautiful food was made into a brand by the European Union in 2009 as a traditional flavor at the request of Italy. The pizza associate with America after Italy. This is due to the fact that the arriving of pizza culture there with the worker migration, and selling of it as slice. It is so much so popular in America that "Pizza Bear" is celebrated every year in October with pizzas in different varieties.

The mainland of Pizza which is made and consumed in almost every part of the world, is Napoli, Italy. The most basic form is tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese on fermented thin dough.

After being consumed for such a long time, the pizza was colored with an interesting historical event. Queen Margherita wants pizza one day. But cooks do not know how to make pizza because pizza was described as the food of the poor until that day! For this reason, it is ordered to the Espesito next to the palace. The colors of the Italian flag, white, red and green, are found on the pizza as mozzarella, tomato and basil. When the queen asked what the pizza's to say and says the queen's name!


That's how Pizza Margherita is born! Afterwards, the pizza becomes more famous with the queen's letter of thanks to the pizza master. There are a thousand kinds of pizzas, that were demanded more when they were begun to be sold as slices in every side of the world. But if you want to taste the original and you are in Napoli, you should choose Margherita.

A reminder! If you have a chance to eat pizza in Italy one day, do not mess with the cutlery, and if you try to eat like this, an Italian can come up and fold your pizza slice and show you how to beat it and he can say that you are wasting the pizza.

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