7 Things You Should Pay Attention Before You Go on Holiday

 There is much works to be done before you go on holiday. We can say that a good and peaceful holiday is a vacation made by not thinking the home. So before you leave the house, you should take varius precautions for your safety and comfort. Yes, even the vacation you go to rest, can turn into a strain because of the preparation process… Nevertheless, to find a clean house during the journey and a complate bad when you return would be good.


Bored cat

 May be you might have any pets or plants that need frequent watering in your home. In this case, you should entrust your animals / plants to a your friend or should share your spare key with a trusted friend or your family member. Of course, this person must be warned about the house safety precautions when exiting from house.



 The empty houses for a long time are a magnet for thieves. So, if that's possible don't leave portable valuables (such as cash, jewelry, credit cards) in your home. Make sure of the doors and windows of your home is intact and not easily opened from the outside; otherwise, make the necessary modifications. A burglar alarm that you will have the door put, will protect you from unexpected visitors. (Of course, you should inform the person who you entrust your key for the care of living things in your home, about how to alarm works and how to disable the alarm when entering the house)

 If you need to be a little more paranoid; If you have an important project that you are working on your computer in your home, to store by backing up or to take along it will provide wasting of your labor with a possible bad surprise. On the other hand, turn of electricity, gas and water valves to minimaze the risk of an accident before you go on holiday. 


Clean House

 Face up to fact that you will return home eventually because of you won't stay on vacation forever! In this regard, a general cleaning to be done at home before you leave on vacation, will allow you to be adaptable when you return home. Who wants to do home cleaning after a migrated happy and calm vacation? So, prepare your home environment in advance, to be able to concentrate on your life and job at the time you get back. Sweeping of the floors, changing of the bedclothes, even if you are more meticulous even deletion of the windows, may be included to this cleaning.

The Last Thing That Will be Wanted on Returning from Holiday: The Smell of Garbage

 The most important issue about cleaning in long-term holidays is foods in house. If leftovers in your garbage don't be emptied before leaving from your home, can cause terrible odors in a short time; On the other hand, you should begin to consume products situated in your fridge and rotting until you get back. Especially, vegetables and fruits are the foods which tend to deterioration in a short time.



 Pay more attention to your health in the days before a vacation. The most important things protecting your journey from being an ordeal is your healthy. Especially, if you are going to travel at night, you should also consider a change in the air temperature, and should carry clothes according to the season on a bag immediately accessiable. 

You Can Fell Cold If You're Making A Flying Trip 

 If you are going to make a air travel, note that intensive ventilation and cooling systems works intensely in the interior such as airport/airplane. Even, you may need to make the journey with a jacket on the plane in the hottest time of summer. Especially, if you have a delicate constitution againts the cold, you may need to warm up and protect yourself on flights more than 2-3 hours. 

Take the Medications that You Use Often

 If you don't want to frantic look for a pharmacy on vacation, it will be very good to take along aspirin, pastil and/or other painkillers that you use againts to common diseasses such as especially the head, throat, and stomachache. On the other hand, if you don't want to carry razor, care your prsonal maintenance before you leave on vacation. You can take a toothbrush and toothpaste. Especially, a roll of toilet paper you take along, is very useful in difficult situations.



 Take along enough cash. If you have a credit or debit card, make sure you remember the PIN code.if you have a chance of learning which banks in the region you will go, serve, and if your bank serve there, don't carry more money on you.  

Don't Carry Your Money in A Single Wallet

 If you carry your money in a single wallet, you may lose all at once. If you forget your wallet in a place during the holiday, or if it is stolen, you can stay in a difficult situation. transporting an amount of cash that you have or compressing a small amount of money into the pockets of the pants could save your life.



 If you're going abroad, take along your ID, if you have, your driver's license, your bus/train/plane ticket, if you are a student, your student ID, your passport and your travel insurance. If you have a social security document that allows to pay less to hospital, take along it certainly.

Documents you need when you go abroad

 If you are going abroad, the documents you need to take along are your passport, your plane ticket's booking/online check-in copies or your electronic ticket, booking copy of hotel you will stay in country you will go and necessarily your health insurance. If you are thinking of renting a car in country which you plan to go, don't forget necessarily take along your driver's license.

If You Go Abroad With a Letter of Invitation

 If you are going to abroad with a letter of invitation, official could to see the letter. Even, passport or identity informations of the person who sent the invitation letter can be asked. You don't have difficulty if you are ready for all of this.

If your wallet is stolen on the holiday?

 Put photocopies of your ID and your driver's license into your purse in case your wallet is stolen. In addition, to write the phone numbers of people who can help you, on paper and to take along are also an important precaution in case your phone is stolen. It may be useful to note phone number of a health care prover in destinations. Also if you're going by car, you should also note the phone number of the authorized service centre of your vehicle.



 If you are going to a country which you don't know, you must investigate urban transportation of the country which you will go, necessarily. Most obviously, how do you go to the city centre from the airport? How far is the airport from the city you arrive.

Try The Miracle Of Google Maps Offline Map

 If you will use the car, and if you are using a smart phone, finding your way will be your greatest helper in navigation. As an alternative to the online methods, you can take with you a map of your destination. If you have a printer, you can also print a map found on the internet. Or you can take advandage of the offline maps which is a feature of Google Maps. Download the map of the region you want to go, to your phone from Google Maps offline maps. Thus, you can see where you are at, or where is a point you want to go without the internet.

If You Are Going To Travel With Kids

 The job of families with babies and children is more difficult. They will be responsible for the safety and comfort of themselves and their children. It is also especially important to take along toys that can keep children occupied during the journey. Kids now might not get used to new places for this you can relieve your child with toys. The idea of being on the road may not give him a thrill. It is possible the child could be bored while you are watching the view in car. To be prepared for situations like this is important in terms of comfort of everyone. You can also take along keep snacks and meals for kids.

8)Take Precautions

sky holiday

Is Your Luggage Intact??

 Make sure the sound of the bags that you use. If you are unsure, to use another bag or suitcase prevent you from staying in a difficult situation. No one doesn't want that something spill here and there during the trip! To place the inside of the suitcase ‘risk’ items correctly is also important. Choosing comfortable clothes and comfortable shoes for your trip is important. Sport shoes doesn't essential. If you choose a pair of comfortable shoes and a dress you can remove when you sweat,and a dress, you'll be comfortable. To have the clothes ready before the trip. will stop you from losing time

Take Your Luggage Photo

 Best thing to do against the possibility of losing of your luggage during the connecting flight or dropping your passport: Take a Photo No matter how you explain you losed luggage, cannot be effective as to show its photo.

The Backpack Could Save Life

 A backpack you place to your luggage, can fill the bill. Especially if you do plenty of walking and you go outdoors for a long time ,thanks to backpack, you can move water/food.

The Subject of Souvenir

 Some gifts you bring for your friends and relatives can make them happy. So you can investigate that how you can get souvenirs at your destination before you go on holiday. Also if you go abroad you can shop on the supermarket instead of freeshop. Sometimes difference of price of dutyfree and supermarkets in a foreign countries can surprise the people. you can share with us specific details that comes to mind about what to do before you go on holiday by making a comment below…

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