Turkey Travel Guide

Surrounded by sea on three sides, by beaches on four sides Turkey, serve as a bridge that connects Asia and Europa. With a population of 78 millions Turkey, a strategic country in the region,as candidate to the European Union, has been the shining star of Asia. Turkey with large lands on both of two continents and with culturel heritage, is a country which people from each country can have a holiday. From Arabs to Americans people from each country, admire the beauty in Turkey.


Surrounded by sea on three sides Turkey,is under the influence of the tempare climate. With favorable climates for tourism Turkey,thank to the tempare climate, attracts million of tourists each year.


Turkey hosting tourism parades such as Antalya and Mugla, has well developed in the terms of coastal tourism. New hotels and holiday villages have still been built in Turkey quite loved with the activities organizing by hotels each day. Coastal tourism is a sector that is still developing in Turkey. Necertheless, Turkey has the capacity to satisfy all the needs of those who wish to make coastal tourism.


Antalya:Antalya home to towns such as Kemer, Alanya and Manavgat hosting wonderful beaches,is especially favorite of Russian tourists. The city, pearl of Mediterranean, welcomes millions of tourist each year. The Side town of Antalya, an indispensable city for tourism, enjoys great popularity by history lovers.

Muğla:Situated between Aegean and Mediterranean regions,Muğla a wonderful tourism city with the sea coast, attracts millions of tourists with holiday towns such as Dalaman, Fethiye, Marmaris, Bodrum. The city which has world-famous beaches, is known for coast activities. There are ferry trips and scuba divings between these activities which are in demand by tourists.

İzmir:The whole of the lands situated on the Aegean region İzmir, conduces to Turkey's tourism with the town of Ayvalık and Çeşme. The city bordering the Aegean sea, is one of the rare cities that local and foreign go for Holiday.

İstanbul:İstanbul settlement since ancient times, was dominated by Byzantine Empire until the Ottoman conquest. Istanbul which was the capital of Ottoman Empire and Byzantine Empire, hosting hundreds of historic buildings, is an inevitable opportunity for history lovers. Istanbul which has famous squares such as sultan ahmet square,is also home to historical structures such as Ephesus, Troy, Pergamon, Virgin Mary's house,Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque.


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