5 Things to Do in Trabzon, Turkey

With its lush nature, unique lakes, historic sites and delicious local cuisine, one of the most beautiful regions of the Black Sea, Trabzon is one of the places most visited by tourists. Summers are mostly hot in Trabzon where the temperate climate is seen.

If you want to get away from the city this summer and enjoy the peace of mind by drawing village air, you can turn your route to Trabzon. The best way to get to Trabzon quickly and comfortably is air travel. By finding a cheap plane ticket, you can head for this beautiful city of the Black Sea. We gathered 5 beautiful activities for those who say "what should be done when we went to Trabzon"

Things to do in Trabzon

1) Watch the Natural Beauties

trabzon natural beauties

Trabzon where one of the most abundant area of green and blue are located, fascinates people with its natural beauty. When you go to Trabzon, your first stop must be Uzungöl which becomes a byword for its the clean air, the clear waters and the impressive scenery. Apart from this, Çakırgöl, Lake Sera and Haldizen are also worth seeing. Also Değirmendere, Yanbolu, Karadere, Koha, Sürmene, Baltacı, Kalapotama, Maçka, Galyan Dereleri are from the natural beauties of the city.

2) Visit Historical Places

Sumela Monastery

Trabzon, the capital of the Greek Empire in the Middle Ages, attracts attention with its many historical buildings. Sumela Monastery, Trabzon Castle, Kızlar Monastery, Hızır İlyas Monastery (Gregorius Peristera), Hagia Anna, St. John's Church, Hagios Theodoros, Hagios Christophoros, Santa Maria, Hagios Mikhail, Fatih, Yeni Cuma, Nakip, İskender Paşa Mosque, Çarşı Mosque, Gülbahar Hatun Mosque, Çal Cave are from the places that should be seen in the city.

3) Taste the Local Dishes

trabzon local dishes

The first food that comes to mind when Trabzon is said, is the anchovy. Corn and kale follow the list. With these, various kinds of foods such as soup and bread are prepared. The kuymak made from corn flour, bread with anchovy, kale soup, steamed anchovy, mıhlama (a dish made with vegetable and eggs), rice with anchovies, roasted pickle called "Lobya" made from beans are the main flavors of Trabzon. When you go to Trabzon, do not return without eating anchovies and the delicious tastes prepared with anchovies.

4) Try Nature Sports in Trabzon

trabzon trekking

Trabzon, the indispensable address of nature lovers, is one of the best places to try various nature sports. You can climb on the mountaineering parkours in Uzungöl-Demirkapı-Karakaya Region, can paraglide in front of Uzungöl, Karastel Hill, Akçaabat Karadağ Hıdırnebi (Yaylakent) and in Doğankaya Çayırbağı.

Trabzon is also one of the ideal places for trekking. You can trekking on the Ocaklı-Kulindağı Plateau, Figanoy Plateau, Lişer Plateau, Haçka Plateau, Düzköy District, Çaykara Uzungol Town, Garester Plateau, Şekersu Plateau, Hamsiköy Maçka District. Çatak, Kayaiçi, Taşgeçit, Kestanelik, Erenler, Kestanelik, Pervane, Değirmencik, Araklı route are also from the best stops that you can canoeing.

5) Take a Nature Walk

trabzon nature

No one can say no to a nice walk in the fresh air match in Trabzon, attracting attention with its rich vegetation and lush nature. The lush green trees, walking among the waterfalls flowing with a pleasant noise, will make you feel so much better.

If you are thinking of going to Trabzon this summer, do not return without doing these 5 activities. 

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