Top 10 Beautiful Villages You Must See in Turkey

Anatolia is a fascinating piece of land that has the most stories in the world and has been a settlement throughout history. Between the mountains and hills that embellish the Anatolian geography, there are villages that were founded on the plains or at the seaside, that try to attract our interest with their story. The villages, many of whose look like plain and quiet, offer you their own stories and riches when you look carefully.

1) Mustafapaşa Village, Cappadocia

Mustafapaşa Village, Cappadocia

Mustafapaşa Village, also known as Sinasos, which is only 5 km from Urgup, was a place where Turks and Orthodox Greeks lived together until 1924. The village, one of the best examples of Cappadocian texture, closely witnessed the population exchange, one of the most important events of recent Anatolian history. In Mustafapaşa, which is one of the least disturbed places in Cappadocia and where the people who migrated from Thessaloniki live, there is a church and a mosque, and there are peribacals right next to it.

2) Harran Village, Urfa

Harran Village, Urfa

Situated 44 km southeast of Şanlıurfa, the historical Harran is a rare place in the world, especially as the architecture of its houses. The place that means intersection ways in Sumerian was an important center of paganism, that the celestial bodies are sacred. Harran's symbol conical domed houses is said to be inspired to trulli houses in the Puglia region of Italy. The inner castle remaining from the Umayyad period, The Grand Mosque's remains, one of the first mosques of Anatolia, and the holy well are some of the places to see.

3) Savaşan Village, Halfeti

Savaşan Village, Halfeti

The Savaşan Village, plunging under the waters of the Birecik Dam, left its mark on minds with its minaret rising from the reservoir. The village whose mosque and school are under the water, water is now abandoned. Houses with beautiful stone embroidered and nice views of the Euphrates are quite empty today. Peasants of Savaşan have moved to their new village that were built in a little higher. Savaşan is located 120 km from Şanlıurfa and 50 km from Gaziantep.

4) Yanıklar Village, Fethiye

Yanıklar Village, Fethiye

Located 15 km from Fethiye, Yanıklar Village is a natural paradise with Karaot Akgöl and its surroundings, Anatolian Sweetgum Trees that is unique to just Muğla region in the world, citrus gardens, accommodation areas of many birds. Fethiye Yanıklar Village is located between Göcek and Fethiye, 45 km from Dalaman Airport.

5) Lübbey Village, Ödemiş

Lübbey Village, Ödemiş

Lübbey is an Aegean village which had been evacuated and almost turned into a ghost town about 30 years ago. Today, the number of people living permanently in the village does not exceed 10. Lübbey, a village located at the hill of Bozdağ, at a height of five hundred meters in the basin of Küçük Menderes, is trying to exist with its abandoned, many destroyed houses and the last residents who have not abandoned them.

6) Çamlıbel Village, Edremit

Camlıbel Village, Edremit

Çamlıbel Village, which has a beautiful view and location, is a village connected to Edremit Balıkesir. Surrounded by olive trees, the village was moved to the hill due to the attacks of pirates in the past. The place whose name was once Tahtaköy, achieved its new name afterwards. After the Greek migration, the people from Mytilene, Crete and Thessalonica settled here. The region is one of the places that has the cleanest air of the country with its beautiful nature, rich vegetation and geography. There are waterfalls, rivers, valleys and national park in the surroundings and also the gulf and beaches on the across.

7) Yörük Village, Safranbolu

Yörük village, safranbolu

Safranbolu in the UNESCO World Heritage List is one of the most exclusive and favorite places of Turkey. Safranbolu is a place that must be discovered with not only its beautiful houses, but also with its riches. One of them is the Yörük Village, preserved quite well, located 20 km east of the district. There are about 240 people living in 62 never-abandoned dwellings of the village, that has 140 dwelling. The people of the village are waiting for their guests with house baklavas, local dishes and souvenirs.

8) Birgi, Ödemiş

Birgi Village, Ödemiş

Birgi, a village connected to Ödemiş at a distance of 110 km from İzmir, seems to be hidden in a lush geography on the cool slopes of Bozdağlar. It is like an open-air museum with its stone-walled, wooden-windowed houses that can be seen from between centuries old plane trees and pine trees. Birgi, which was the capital of the Turkmen State founded by Aydınoğlu Mehmet Bey in 1308, is a village worth seeing with its old mansions, madrasa, tombs and mosques.

9) Kayaköy, Fethiye

Kayaköy fethiye

With its history dating back to 30,000 BC, Kayaköy is an impressive place with its architectural structure, narrow streets, churches and nature. When the villagers of the place that was a old greek village with stone houses, migrated to Greece with population exchange, Turkish families from western Thrace got settled their places. However, they did not get used to live in the village houses and moved to the plain. It is said that the village, which has started to come alive nowadays, is once a place that has a population of 25,000 and even publishes local newspapers

10) Eski Datça, Muğla

Eski datça village

Although the whole village consists of a small square and a few streets, the old houses are slowly being restored by their new owners. Although the whole village consists of a small square and a few streets, the old houses are slowly being restored by their new owners. It stay the course to be Alaçatı of the future, and hopefully it don't incur the wrath of excursion tourists in the future.

There are many beautiful villages that need to be added to the list; Adrasan, Gölyazı, Şirince, Doğanbey, Adatepe, Mordoğan, Eskihisar, Bademli, Yeşilyurt, Kapıkırı, Faralya, Uzuncaburç, Kozbeyli, Dalyanköy, Akyaka, Tahtakuşlar, Cumalıkızık, Taraklı, Uzungöl, Tirilye and hundreds more…

Is not it the time to save our tourism or holiday habits from vicious cycle of sea, sun and sand and to discover cultural attractions and beauties of Turkey?

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