Places to Visit in Samsun, Turkey

Samsun is the most developed city of Turkey's Black Sea Region in terms of education, health, industry, trade, transportation and economic. It was founded by the Miletos from the Ionian city states in the years 750-760 BC under the name of Amisos. As in almost every city in Anatolia, it has been the settlement of many Anatolian civilizations throughout history. 

 With coming of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk to Samsun on May 19, 1919, becomeing the starting point of national struggle, the city with its natural beauties, historical values, legends and tasty cuisine, is a city where you can add to your black sea tour.

Places to Visit in Samsun

1) Bandırma Ship ve Milli Mucadele Park

bandırma ship

Bandırma Ship, which transports Atatürk with his officers from Istanbul to Samsun, is the most important symbol of the National Struggle that started in Samsun. In transformed museum by being built in accordance with the the original ferry that anchored Samsun on 19 May 1919, with Ataturk's photographs, Atatürk's personal belongings, wax sculptures of his officers and crew and various documents are exhibited.The longest Ceramic Reliefs of Turkey, the martyrs inscription bearing the name 1200 martyrs, 10 Bronze Relief about the national battle and National Freedom Monument with Seven Figure are among the places to be seen in the open-air museum.

2) Statue of Honor and Atatürk Park

statue of honor samsun

The Statue of Honor (Turkish:Onur Anıtı), which is one of the symbols of Samsun, was made by Heinz Kreppel from 1928 to 1931 in commemoration of Atatürk's coming to  Samsun on 19 May 1919 and the beginning of the National Struggle.The Statue of Honor, on the Atatürk Park located in the city center, is the second sculpture of the world in terms of size and balance. The statue is also a symbol of Samsun.

3) Kızılırmak Delta Bird's Paradise

kızılırmak delta bird paradise

Kızılırmak Delta is a place worth seeing in Bafra province of Samsun. It is one of the biggest deltas of Turkey with its area of 56.000 hectares. The delta formed by accumulation of alluvium in the place where Kızılırmak's flowing into the Black Sea, consists from moving dunes, small ponds separated by natural sand dune sets, and marshlands. With its this feature, it is home to wildlife with many different bird and plant species. Delta which has a rich biodiversity, is also breeding ground of birds such as endangered black stork, gadwall, purple heron, collared pratincole, crane bird and little tern. Maybe you can be lucky to see wild horses running around the nature, keep your camera ready.

4) Amazon Village and Amazon Island

amazon village

Amazon Village was created with animations of living areas with wax sculptures of warrior women tribes, known as amazon, believed to live in the Black Sea region, especially in Samsun. Amazon Island, located in the western parkland, is also positioned as a landspace platform to Amisos Hill. On the island, an enormous size of an amazon female statue, with imposing lion statues on both sides symbolizes the honor. You can enter the lion statues and watch the slide show about amazons.

5) Amisos Hill and Kakanca Tumuli

amisos hill

Amisos Hill, which has the most beautiful view of Samsun, is known as the first settlement of Samsun.The tombs on the hill, containing two tumuli from the 3rd century BC and burial chambers belonging to the Pontus Kingdom, has been open for visiting since 2008. It can also be reached by cable cars moving from the Amazon Island to the Amisos Hill. With its location allowing panoramic view of Samsun, stylish surroundings, restaurant and cable car, the hill is Samsun city center's most charming and most touristy place.

6) Samsun City Museum

samsun city museum

Samsun City Museum with the density of information it reflects, its different design, and interactive communication that it contact with its visitors, is a valuable museum that sheds light on Samsun city history. Until now, it is one of the most attentive and most beautiful musems we have seen in Turkey. The museum building which presents Samsun's past and present with panoramas, photographs, informative videos and panels, wax sculptures and various animations, was created by restoring the old TCDD buildings used as the Railway.

7) Surmeli Village

sürmeli village

Surmeli Village, the only organic village of the Black Sea Region, is located 13 kilometers from Bafra. Surmeli, a exchangee village where people coming from Greece in 1924 settled, has the first and only ecological bazaar established in a village settlement throughout Turkey. Surmeli Village, in order to promotethe organic products they produce, the grasses that grow in Samsun and the foods made with them, organizes  "Local Herbal Food Festival". On the one hand, Next target of Surmeli residents who are working on the festival to become a tradition, is startarting ecological tourism in their villages.

8) Vezirköprü Şahinkaya Canyon

vezirköpru şahinkaya canyon

Sahinkaya Canyon stretches away for three kilometers between imposing rocks. Ancient staircases on rock walls of the canyon which is a stopping point for lovers of nature sports and photographers and the entrance to the cave are quite impressive. the Region with the title of "International Tourism Zone" is one of the most prestigious regions of Turkey for sports such as, trekking, mountaineering, fishing and canoeing.

9) Ayvacık


Ayvacik is a small Samsun district which has dam lakes on it and has an impressive nature. It is a pity that such a geography has not been evaluated in the name of tourism. Ayvacık is 62 km away from Samsun, is like a virgin region and a hidden paradise. the place where Yesilpinar, Caglayan, Çamalan and Kikinin Waterfalls are located, with its suitable nature for all nature sports and water sports, can be a frequenting address of Travelers, athletes and photographers.

10) Tekkeköy Caves

tekkeköy caves

This place not only the Black Sea Region, is also one of the oldest settlements in Anatolia. Tekkeköy Caves, located in the district of Tekkeköy and in the archaeological site was used as a settlement between 15 thousand BC and 60 BC. Also, historical Greek houses and Tekkeköy Cave Archaeological Valley Museum House are located in the region.


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