Top 6 Things to Do in Marmaris

With deep blue sea, magnificent beaches and the historical sites, Marmaris, is one of the Turkey's most beautiful towns. At the same time, with its harbour smiling from the shadows of the palm trees and the coastline Marmaris, is one of the summer's premier holiday locations. Here 6 things to do in Marmaris!

6.Discover the Bays


It will take a lot of time to discover unique bays of Marmaris. But make sure every second you are going to devote, will be worth it. You can make landing from the sea or the land to these natural wonders freely. Turunc, Selimiye, Bozburun, İçmeler, Kumlubuk, Ciftlik, Bordubet ve Sedir Island are only some of the bays that you can discover. Even, some of the Marmaris hotels are situated in this wonderful bays. If you wish, you can stay in these hotels. 

5.Visit Historical Sites

patarya antique city

There are many historical buildings to be visited in Marmaris. The Hafza Sultan Caravanserai, Marmaris Museum, Marmaris Castle, Ibrahim Aga Mosque, Taşhan Kemerli Bridge ve Halici Ahmet Urkay Museum are just a few of them. When you visit Marmaris to go swimming, colorize your travelling with a culturel trip, by visiting historical sites.

4.Enjoy the Beaches of Marmaris

marmaris beach

There are many beaches where you can enjoy the sun and sea in Marmaris,
Icmeler beach, Turunc public Beach, Cennet Island Beach, Sedir Island Beach, Uzunyali Beach, are just a few of them.

3.Do a Boat Trip

boat tour

When you visit Marmaris, if you return home without making a boat trip, you make a mistake. There are numerous tour companies organizing boat tours, on the beaches in the centre of Marmaris. By selecting the company you want, you can discover the route that you want to join and you can enjoy the taste of Aegean's deep blue seas.

2.Enjoy the Nightlife

nightlife in marmaris

You can discover the places ,situated in Marmaris Bar Street ,famous for its vibrant nightlife, or you can visit restaurants, bars and night clubs which are situated in the center of Marmaris.

1.Participate in outdoor activities


There are many activities that can make your holiday entertaining, in Marmaris.
It is possible that you are able to participate in alternative activities such as jeep safari, trekking and cycling. If you wish, you can also dive and discover hidden treasures under the depths of the Aegean. In this way, you can make your holiday both of fun and different.

Marmaris hosts a large coastal city and many beautiful and impressive sights and attractions. With its beaches with blue flag, historic beauty, ancient cities, villages, picnic areas, national parks and spectacular nature Marmaris, absolutely can't be discovered completely with one week vacation.

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