İbrahim Ağa Mosque, Marmaris

İbrahim Ağa Mosque located 21 kilometres away from the center of Marmaris, was built by Mengenelizade İbrahim Ağa in 1789. The building, which has a quite nice design was built in accordance with the Ottoman architectural style. There is a large and interesting dome on İbrahim Ağa Mosque which also hosts a fountain. With a quite remarkable and beloved dome the mosque, served as a Masjid at first, but later was converted into a mosque.The mosque that is extant, was built 250 years ago and hasn't damaged too badly since the Ottoman period. It can still be workshipped in the mosque, one of the pearls of Marmaris.

İbrahim Ağa Mosque that is one of the most beautiful works of the Ottoman era with its history and design, is the most beautiful mosque on the region. The mosque, an excellent touristic building and a historic monument, is one of the places to be visited in Marmaris.

İbrahim Ağa Mosque Visiting Informations

Address: Tepe, Kordon St. No:2, 48700 Marmaris/Muğla

Entrance Fees: Entrance is free

Visiting Times: It can be visited at any time.

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