Hafsa Sultan Caravanserai – Marmaris

Situated in Marmaris, an important Ottoman building, Hafsa Sultan Caravanserai was built in 1545. Built for the accommodation of the soldiers, on the behalf of his mother Hafsa Sultan, by Suleiman the magnificent, The Hafsa Sultan cerevansarai is situated around the Marmaris castle which was built to support Ottoman soldiers during the siege of Rhodos. Built at the same time with Marmaris Castle which is nowadays used for only tourism the caravansarai, is situated on the entrance of the narrow street towards Marmaris Castle. Today, there are 7 small and 1 large beds and 1 Turkish bath that are used as souvenir shops, in the caravansarai. The upper floors of caravansarai were used for accommodation, the lower floors were used as shops in Ottaman era. Hafsa Sultan caravanserai and the Marmaris Castle are in harmony with each other because of they were built at the same period. Situated around the Marmaris castle which is indispensable of Marmaris where draw great interest by tourists Hafsa Sultan caravansarai, is now waiting to be discovered and visited. 

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