Best Time to Visit Fethiye – Mugla

In Fethiye, the characteristic Mediterranean climate is seen. Summers are hot and dry, winters are warm and rainy. The temperature is around 30 degrees during the summer months. In winter the weather is generally above 10 degrees. With the warming of the air, the tourism season in Fethiye begins. The period between May and September is Fethiye's tourism season. Especially if you enjoy crowded and lively nightlife, it is recommended that you visit the region in June, July and August. If you like quiet surroundings, May and September are more muted and hotel prices are lower.

Also home to beaches such as Calis beach and Belcekız beach, Fethiye hosts thousands of tourists especially in the summer months. In addition to being one of the most beautiful districts of Muğla, with activities that can be done in summer, Fethiye is an unique choice for tourism.

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