St. Anthony Latin Catholic Church, Mersin

Anatolia geography has hosted many different cultures and civilizations. On the history Mersin city, was predominantly constituted by Christians Greeks and Catholics unlike other Anatolian cities. The Latin Italian Catholic Church, located on Uray Street in the center of Mersin, is one of the works left by these cultures.

st anthony church of mersin 2

In 1843 P. Francesco considers the necessity of a sanctuary to meet the religious needs of Catholics in Tarsus. Father Giuseppe who served as priesthood in Lebanon is sent to Tarsus in 1844.

Based on a firman given by Sultan Abdulmecid in 1853, construction of the church site began and the administration was given to the Capuchins Priests. In May 1854, Father Antonio who was officer in Tarsus, and Father Vincenzo who undertake his assistant, opened a temporary place of worship on the purchased land and four classes for the education of  Catholics' children located there.

The complex with clock-tower of the Italian Catholic Church which is a monumental structure with courtyard made by limestone, was finished with its other parts in 1898. 

st anthony church of mersin 3

It was changed by the Vatican as the Italian Catholic Church in 1991 and connected to Catholic churches in South, Southeastern Anatolia, the Black Sea Region, Syria, Iraq, Iran and Russia. It  serve for the Catholic community in Mersin as still open to workship. 

There is a pretty nice garden of the Church where there was French consulate for a long time on north part. Colorful flowers and plants on every side, is suggestive of a botanical garden air.

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