10 Things You Should Definitely Do in Çeşme, İzmir

In addition to its cultural richness that takes its source from its thousands of years' history, decorated with many natural beauty, Çeşme offers many social options for its visitors. We have listed the activities that will enable you to have a good holiday in this beautiful district of İzmir, which is one of the indispensable destinations of summer tourism, in "The 10 most beautiful things to do in Cesme" list.

List of Things to Do in Çeşme

In addition to the variety of things to do in Cesme, transport and accommodation is at a level that will satisfy vacationers from all ages. Located in the regions where especially the activities that can be done are concentrated, the Çeşme hotels provide the increase in the interest of the travelers to the district for the reason that they are over the average in terms of quality.

1) Enjoy the sea on the Cesme beaches which has an unique beauty.

Boyalık Beach Çeşme

With its golden yellow beaches and the clear waters that you can see every tons of blue, Çesme beaches give you a unique sea pleasure. Moreover, the beaches that will provide you to be rested, allow you to experience different experiences with its unique structures.

 The first place that comes to mind when you think of sea pleasure in Çeşme is Ilıca Beach, which is famous for its thermal characteristic. Another beach that tourists flock after Ilıca which you can sport as well as sunbathing on its a kilometer beach, is a nature wonder Aya Yorgi. Pırlanta, Boyalık, Dalyan and Sakızlı, are the other bays you can choose to enter the sea.

2) Go to Beach Clubs to Fun

Altınkum beach

The beach clubs in Çeşme are home to beach parties which you can enjoy both sea and fun illimitably. At parties that start at nightfall and continue with an increasing tempo as time progresses, dose of fun summits with live DJ performances and concerts on the advancing hours. 

The most right address to fun in Çeşme after entering the sea and sunbathing, is the Aya Yorgi Bay. The facilities, which line up on the beach, attract holidaymakers of all ages thanks to their original concepts.

Paparazzi, the oldest beach club in Aya Yorgi, appeals predominantly over 30 years old. Marrakech, which please its visitors with its high level of service quality, is a place where famous names ofter visit. Other facilities that stand out on the bay are Sole Mare which is famous for its Happy Hours and Babylon which attracts families with its quiet environment.

3) Taste the gummy cookies and the ice cream

Gummy cookies çeşme

Çeşme is one of the few regions in the world where the population of gum trees is intense. The gum, which gave its name to these trees and gathered only by experienced people, found itself in food culture with its unique taste over the centuries. 

Among the tastes produced using gum are turkish shortbread that is special to the peninsula, and ice cream. The other gummy tastes you can try apart from turkish shortbread disintegrating in mouth and the addictive ice cream, is also jam sold in jars.

You can find the most delicious tastes of gummy ice cream and turkish shortbread at the historical Rumeli Patisserie in Çeşme Bazaar or in İmren in Alacati.

4) Try the Kumru Sandwich of Çeşme and Mussel

İzmir kumru

The fact that there are many places to visit and activities to be done in Cesme, which has a rich culinary culture with appetizer special to Çeşme and olive oil dishes, caused the consumption of these two street dishes to become widespread.

Kumru, which is very practical to be prepared and whose name is taken from a cute bird species, is the first taste that we recommend you to taste when you go to Çeşme. Contrary to the product that is sold by adding cheese, tomato and pepper into special bread covered with sesame, products such as salami, sausage, bologna are used in the Kumru Sandwich of Çeşme. The ingredients that increase the taste of this mouth-watering food prepared on the grill is cheeses which are partially melted and added. The most ideal places to taste the Kumru served with pickles are the Kumrucu Hikmet and the Kumrucu Hüseyin in Ilıca.

 Another snack specific to the region is the small-sized İzmir Midyesi (mussel) with red meat. We recommend you to eat this flavor, whose stuffed is famous while enjoying the sea on beach or relaxing while on the promenade.

5) Spend pleasant hours by joining a boat cruise

Çeşme boat cruise

During your Çeşme holiday, you can join boat trips leaving from the district center and Ilıca every day to visit the beautiful bays and to enjoy the cool waters of the Aegean Sea. 

Boats departing between 10.00-11.00 in the morning, enable guests to enjoy pleasant moments by laying on entertainments, during moving between bays that it will have a break.  

If you like to dive and wonder about the Aegean's rich underwater life, you can use your tour choice from those covering the islands. Also, do not forget that the areas located at the top sections of the boats are more comfortable.

6) Surf in the breeze of Alaçatı

Surfing in Çeşme

If you are curious, you can add surfing in Alaçatı bays that is famous for its wind, to the list of thing to do in Çeşme. Because this region, which has become popular among surfers in the 1990s, has favorable weather conditions almost all year round.

The first place that comes to mind when you think of windsurfing in Alaçatı is Yumru, where the world championship is also organized every year. The bay where the surf schools are concentrated like most Alaçatı beaches, is home to a suitable environment for both beginners and professionals. Ideal for diving and other water sports, Çark Beach is similar to Yumru. Windsurf Paradise has a worldwide reputation among professionals.

7) Walk around the Alaçatı streets.

Alaçatı streets

As one of the oldest settlements in Çeşme, Alaçatı attracts the attention of holidaymakers with its rich culture as well as its sporting possibilities. On the town where is famous for its 19th-century stone houses and narrow streets, Hacı Memiş Sokak has become popular among those who want to be intertwined with history in a quiet environment. Kemalpaşa Street, which reaches the peak of interest during especially the summer season, has a large number of shops and restaurants.

You can continue your trip to Alaçatı, which you will start by visiting these two popular streets, by walking around the benches where local agricultural products are sold. After relaxing in Dutlu Kahve, you can complete the day in Alacati Square.

8) Benefit from thermal sources for health and crispness

Çeşme Thermal

You can also heal as well as having fun in Çeşme, which stand out with its natural beauties and history. Especially the bath taken with mud which is enriched with minerals coming from the water of the thermal sources of Şifne and Ilica, has the feature of supporting the treatment of many illnesses.

You can get the privilege of uninterrupted use of thermal sources by staying at Ilica's hotels. Another point where you can get the opportunity to benefit from the sources apart from the facilities and the otels that serve the mud baths, is Ilıca Beach which is open to the public.

9) Watch the sunset at Çeşme Marina

Çeşme marina

Çeşme Marina, which i recommended to those who want to spend Çeşme nights, which fun reaches peak, more quietly, is founded on one of the most beautiful spots where the sunset can be watched. The facility, which has walkways that you can navigate between boats and yachts, begins to be glowed with the sunset. Moreover, there are many restaurants in the marina and surroundings where you can taste delicious tastes of Aegean cuisine and fresh seafood.

Another area that is ideal to watch the sunset in Çeşme is Dalyan Bay.

10) Go to the Sakız Island (Chios Island)

Chios Island

You can go to Chios Island by taking ferries leaving from the harbor. When you visit Chios Island, which has great similarities with Çeşme in terms of geographical diversity and food culture, I would definitely recommend you to take time to the villages which are the source of your cultural wealth.


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