Places to Visit in Kadıköy, Istanbul

Kadıköy is one of the most distinguished and rich districts of Istanbul in terms of places to visit. The district located in the south of Istanbul is between Üsküdar and Maltepe. It is thought that the district was founded in the 7th century BC. During this period, the Greeks built many cities outside their own fields. Kadıköy is also one of these. In the city which is thought to be founded by Megarians, Phoenicians also lived. The reason why it is referred to as "City of the Blind" is the fact that the settlement was built in Kadıköy instead of the beautiful Sarayburnu. It is thought that this place was preferred because of its calm environment. The walls around district were demolished and used in the construction of the Baths of Istanbul and Valens aqueduct. 

Kadıköy Coast

With the settlement of various nations, the construction of magnificent mansions, the increase of the centers of culture and arts in the 19th century, Kadıköy become one of the indispensable of places to visit in Istanbul. Places to visit in Kadikoy include places such as Haydarpasa Station, Osman Agha Mosque, Ayia Efimia Greek Orthodox Church, Moda, Baylan Pastry.

Places to Visit in Kadıköy

1) Haydarpaşa Station

The place that comes to mind when we say places to visit in Kadıköy and that is one of the symbols of Istanbul is definitely Haydarpaşa Station. The station was opened in 1908. It took its name from Haydar Pasha, who is from 3rd Selim's pashas. This magnificent structure has been damaged and repaired many times from past to present. It was greatly damaged while being used as an arsenal in World War I. It was damaged after a ship accident and a fire that broke out in a recent day. Despite everything, it's one of the symbols of the city. It is also known for hosting many films, clips as set.

2) Kadıköy Bazaar

Kadikoy Bazaar is a very colorful place. It is the meeting point for greengrocers, fishermen, spicer sellers, confectioners, pastries, restaurants and cafes. The flea market and antique shops also can be seen in the bazaar.

3) Bull Statue

Bull Statue, is the symbol of Kadikoy. It was made by the sculptor Izidor Bonhevr in 1864. The statue, taken from Paris to Germany, was brought to Istanbul by gifting to Enver Pasha during World War I and after taking to many places to Istanbul, is erected on its current place.

4) Türkbalon

Turkbalon is the balloon located on Kadıköy coast. Those who want to watch the city from 200 meters high must see it. It is the stopping point of especially those who want to make photo shoot.

5) Osman Ağa Mosque

Osman Agha Mosque is one of the mosques located in Kadıköy. There are not many mosques in Kadıköy, unlike Üsküdar, where religious items and works are intense. Osman Ağa is known for being the oldest of these mosques. It was built by the Egyptian Osman Ağa.

6) St. Euphemia Greek Orthodox Church

St. Euphemia Greek Orthodox Church was built in 1694 and has reached its present appearance in the mid-19th century. It is thought that it took its name from St. Euphemia, who opposed the belief in pagan belief and who supported Christianity.

7) Surp Levon Armenian Catholic Church

Surp Levon Armenian Catholic Church was built in the 17th century. The church, which has oval windows and a different architecture, is the only church in the shape of a basilica in the Anatolian Side. In this respect, it is becoming more popular on the list of places to visit in Kadıköy.

8) Hagia Triada Greek Orthodox Church

Hagia Triada Greek Orthodox Church is located at Haci Sukru Street and took its name from the "Holy Trinity". The most interesting part of the church which was built in 1902 is the splendid dome.

9) Bahariye Street

Bahariye Street is a road which is between Altıyol and Moda and which opens just to pedestarians. The tram that passes through the street reminds Istiklal Avenue and there are many cafes, restaurants, cinemas and shops along the street.

10) Süreyya Opera House

Süreyya Opera House is located on Bahariye Caddesi. The most remarkable structure of the street, the opera was built in 1927 by Süreyya and Adalet İlmen. Süreyya, known as the first opera house of Anatolia, was used as a cinema for a while and then started to host opera performances again. The building is also dazzle in terms of architecture with ceiling frescoes, relief sculptures.

11) Baylan Patisserie

Baylan Patisserie is one of the taste stops that come to mind when it comes to places to visit in Kadıköy. The patisserie opened in 1961 was operated by a Greek until 2010. The pastry shop that changed hands later did not lose anything from its popularity. Althought its almost every flavor is delicious, the cupola gray and vanilla ice cream which are the most famouses of Baylan's Pastry, must be tried.

12) Akmar Passage

Akmar Passage is one of the original places that comes to mind when Kadıköy is mentioned. The passage is also known as a famous place that has affordable prices, where you can find new and used books, antiques, posters, CDs, and plaques.

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