Barış Manço House Museum, Kadıköy

Barış Manço House is the house where the famous artist Barış Manço lived and worked in İstanbul Moda.  The greatest wish of Manco, who owns the word "Whenever mentioning a person is given up, that person is died." was that his house to be converted into a museum. The peace envoy, who suddenly left us on February 1, 1999, left behind him many lovings. This house, where Barış Manco pass away, has been converted into a museum after his death, by protecting in accordance with the original and took its place in the most beautiful museums of the list of places to visit in Istanbul.

The Baris Manco House Museum, opened in 2010 with the work of Kadıköy Municipality, is a mansion remained from 17th century. In the house there are salon, dining room and dressing room on the entrance floor. In the salon, the piano that Manço bought from Austria can be seen. The dressing room is one of the most interesting parts of the house. The unique clothes of the State Artist Baris Manco are exhibited here. 

Barış manço house museum

There are a bedroom and guest room on the first floor of the house and a section on the second floor which is reserved for children only. Another room on the same floor was named "Adam Olacak Çocuk Odası" (The child that will be a man room.) and in this room the artist's program bearing the same name is televised. There is an archive on the bottom floor of the house. The house also has two gardens, one for summer and one for winter. The summer garden, attracts attention with its platter-like tables and note-like chairs.

Barış Manço House Museum Visiting Informations

Address: Yusuf Kamil Pasa St. No: 5 Moda İstanbul

Transportation: This house is within walking distance of Kadıköy Port.

Opening Days and Hours: The full ticket is 6, the discount ticket is 4 Liras.


Notes: Entrance fees and visit times may vary periodically. Please check the website for updated information.


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