An Ottoman Avenue: Bağdat Avenue, Kadıköy

Bağdat Avenue is one of the most famous avenues of Istanbul. When Murat IV returned from the Baghdad campaign, the road between Bağdat – Haydarpaşa – Bostancı was named as Baghdad Road. Bağdat Road, which was located on important trade routes at that time, was the part that the needs of the army provided in the Byzantine period.

Bağdat Avenue we see today, is a avenue parallel to the sea between Kızıltoprak and Bostancı. This 9-kilometer avenue is famous for its elegant restaurants, cafes and shops. Many of the world famous brands can be found here. In Bagdat Avenue, which is one of the beautiful avenues of our list of places to visit in Istanbul, the rents of houses and workplaces are quite high. 

At the bottom of the avenue, there are hiking and cycling routes near the sea. Özgürlük Parkı (Freedom Park) and Dalyan Park can be preferred for hiking and walking about. In Baghdad Street, known as the modern and stylish version of Istiklal Avenue, magnificent mansions were built in the 19th century. One of the important structures you can see in the region is the Zuhtu Pasha Mosque built in 1885. The Galip Pasha Mosque built in 1899 is also a place you should see. Caddebostan and Suadiye parts lapse into a carnival atmosphere on the days when Fenerbahçe team wins. Especially during the championship celebrations it is almost impossible to find a place to step on the avenue.

How to get to Bağdat Avenue?

Address: Göztepe Neighborhood, 34730 Kadıköy/İstanbul

Transportation: You can follow signs on the way of Kızıltoprak, to get here from Kadıköy. You can also walk here from Kızıltoprak train station. It is possiable to reach here by buses leaving from Kadıköy, Pendik, Fenerbahçe, Bostanci, Göztepe.

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