The Fountain of Ahmet III, Fatih

 The Fountain of Ahmet III, built in 1729, has survived despite the fact that Ahmet III was dethroned. The architect of the fountain which Sultan made be built for his mother is Mehmet Aga. The fountain, built with Turkish rococo architecture, has five small domes. The floral reliefs of the structure are remarkable.

This historic Istanbul fountain, built by Ahmet III in the place of the Byzantine fountain called Perayton d from Byzantine time in 1728, has the qualities of being one of the city's most magnificent fountains. Because the fountain is located in the center of Hagia Sophia Square, has a look that sees the entire square.

Fountain of sultan ahmed iii

Fountain of Ahmet III, located opposite Port in Üsküdar Square, was built in order to satisfy the needs of the passengers coming and going from the Istanbul Strait in 1728; it has been moved its current place during square regulation works.

Prepared by Sultan Ahmet III and Sadrazam Nevşehirli Damat İbrahim Paşa together, the inscription of the fountain of Ahmet III made out of sterling marble, is quite remarkable. The couplets on the Fountain were written by Nedim, Şakir and Rahmi, the famous poets of the period.

There are one each fountains on the four corners of the structure. On the head of these fountains, calligraphy engravings made by 17th century Ottoman poet Seyit Vehbi Efendi, should be seen. There is also a handwriting of Sultan Ahmet III on the structure.The fountain, which was previously located on the side of the sea, has been moved to the its present place by arrangement of the plaza.

You can add the fountain which located on the intersection of Topkapi Palace and Soğukçeşme Street, to your list of places to visit in Istanbul.

Fountain of Ahmet III Visiting Information

Address: Cankurtaran Neighborhood, Soğuk Çeşme Neighborhood. 34200 Fatih İstanbul

Transportation: It is within five minutes walking distance from Cesme, Eminönü and Beyazit. If you come by any transport vehicles, you need to get off at Sultanahmet station and walk a bit.

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