Is It Safe to Travel to Turkey?

Turkey visited by millions of tourists each year, is a wonderful tourism country. But much loved by tourists Turkey, has became a country worrying for tourists in last 30 years. The number of people asking "is it safe to travel to Turkey?" has steadily increased. Actually this question varies by each region. Excluding its east and south east Turkey, is a completely safe country. The security forces has provided security in the South, North and West of Turkey. Exploding bombs in Istanbul, although mentioned on news, in a sense these attacks are to intimidate people. It can be seen that the attacks that take place rarely, is considerably reduced than before. Also militans of terrorist organizations such as the PKK and ISIS, are mostly caught by security forces before they could attack. Given these terrorists only a very small percentage who are successful, no quarter Turkish security forces, have begun military operations to destroy the PKK in the East and South East recently. It is envisioned that the security forces which make operations in these regions, will provide in the whole of Turkey in the near future.

Worst nightmare of the PKK trying to print in the east and ISIS situated in Irak, Turkish soldiers work determinedly to destroy the terrorists completely. Anyway, it is known that bombs exploding are the last stands of the PKK. The Kurdish and Turkish people don't want to support the PKK pressuring to gain public support now and this is have been preparing the end of the PKK. One of the things people asking "Is it safe to travel to Turkey?" should know, ISIS losing power in Iraq and Syria, is about to be destroyed recently. Intimidation efforts of losing all financial resources ISIS, have failed. It is estimated that the ISIS will be abolished gradually weakened in near future and will cease to be a threat for Turkey.

It is compulsory that showing ID when anyone want to book a hotel room in Turkey which have stringent security measures in the hotels. Thus, the safety is further enhanced.

People wondering that "is it safe to travel to Turkey?", can travel to Turkey with peace of mind.

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