Lületaşı Museum, Eskişehir

Meerschaum Museum, which is one of the smallest but important museums of Eskisehir, is the first and only museum having the meerschaum concept. Opened in 2008 by the Municipality of Odunpazarı, the museum is housed in the Kurşunlu Mosque having a big historical and touristic significance.

The foundation of the Meerschaum Museum dates back to 1989. The works exhibited at the Meerschaum Festival organized by the Governorship of Eskişehir were bought for the museum idea and this museum was included among the most important museums of today. In the museum, crude form meerschaum and variety of artifacts produced from this mineral are exhibited. Although the museum is small, there is no entry fee and the exhibits are more than enough to impress people.

Although the name of the building is known as a museum, it is actually a small exhibition. There are stores where small souvenirs are sold. If you are thinking of going to Odunpazarı where is one of the most historical and popular areas of Eskişehir, you can also visit this place which is located in the Kurşunlu Külliyesi, the most important sightseeing points of the city.


There are many tourist buildings around the Kurşunlu Mosque located in Odunpazarı, which is the historical and tourist area of the city. Atlıhan Handicrafts Market, located just opposite mosque, is one of the best places to shop for souvenirs made from meinschaum. Apart from this, Eskişehir Beeswax Museum and Contemporary Glass Arts Museum are some of the important places you can see during the trip.

Lületaşı Museum Visiting Information

The museum is located within the Kurşunlu Mosque, one of the important points of the city. Address: Paşa Neighborhood, 26030 Eskisehir Turkey

The museum does not have an entry fee. You can reach the Odunpazarı District, where the mosque is located, by tram or bus. The name of the nearest tram stop to the area is "Ataturk Lisesi". Apart from that, Odunpazarı is one of the stops of most city buses in Eskisehir.

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