A Hidden Paradise in Mount Ida: Mıhlı Stream, Altınoluk

The Mıhlı Stream, which gives life to Küçükkuyu, is one of the most rare formations of the region. With its very green cover and clean air, it is one of my favorite places in Anatolia.

Mıhlı Stream, which is one of the numerous streams flowing from the Kaz Mountains into the sea, is reached from Edremit on the way to Assos, from northbound roads before coming Küçükkuyu. if you can not find your way while driving, ask those around. there will be people who will definitely show you the way.

Mihli Stream

Mıhlı Stream, whose environment is a forested creek edge on the Altinoluk – Canakkale road, is 25 km away from the Akçay. If you go five kilometers on the road next to the Selton Facilities, you will find a pleasant promenade. 

When you come to the Mıhlı Stream after paying the entrance fee, you will encounter many ponds in the color of emerald green. The waterfall which empties into lake, that you will watch with admiration, stands right across you. 

Mihli stream When leaving the promenade, follow the path which go along the stream right from left. If you ask the security that where is Mihli Stream, he gives directions for you. The path goes to a mill which remain from Greeks, in Başdeğirmen region. The millstones that have been preserved quite well, and waterways and an arched bridge dating from the Roman period on right opposite the mill are situated.

Headmill bridge on opposite the mill, is single crossing point of the ancient route to Troy, on the Mıhlı Stream. When you move in the direction of flow from the side of the creek, you encounter many small and large waterfalls.

Head mill mihli

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