Antalya Travel Guide

Famous for unique beaches Antalya, is situated on Mediterranean region of Turkey. A wonder of nature Antalya, visited by millions of tourists each year, is an important city in the terms of history and tourism. The city known as tourism capital of Turkey, is especially favorite of Russian tourists.


The best time to travel to Antalya is the summer months. Antalya ,quite hot on the summer, turns into a unique holiday city on these months.


Antalya's summers are hot and dry, winters are warm and rainy. The climate conducive to tourism, is much loved by tourists visiting Antalya.


Antalya Kaleiçi

Kaleici is surrounded by two walls a large part burned and destroyed, today. A few bastions inside the city, Hadrian's Gate and its towers, a large Tower overlooking the harbour walls and a few fragments of the harbour remain. One of the towers is used as the clock tower. There are four gates providing access to the city, on the walls. As a result of restoration workings Lara has became a center of tourism with, hostels, bars, shopping. 

Düden Waterfalls

The waterfalls ,7 kms from Antalya, is a natural wonder flowing from heaven. Tourists from around the world flocking to Antalya to see Duden waterfalls . There is a cave in waterfall. Duden Waterfall shows its beauty again after 10kms by pouring from Lara into the Mediterranean.

Hadrian's Gate

Extant with only two towers Hadrian's Gate, is the most beautiful gate of Pamphylia. The gate made in honor of coming of the Emperor Hadrian to city in 130 AD, expect doors and colomns, was made entirely of white marble. It is thought that reliefs and carvings on the gate are exceptional, by tourists.

Antalya Museum

The museum created with the artifacts recovered from the spoil of the occupation forces in World War I, today waits visitors. At the first,  ruins of ancient civilizations was being displayed on a land. Today, the number of the works exhibited in the museum occupying 7000 square, is approximately 5000. Between 25,000 – 30,000 artifacts is also protected without exhibition in the museum.

The Ancient City of Termessos

It is one of the most interesting ancient cities in the vicinity of Antalya. It is a psidian city built on height 1050 meters of the Taurus Mountains.


Antalya hosting tastes from cuisines of Mediterranean, Nomad, Middle East and Crete, with also development of tourism and migration, has become home to both of the world and Turkish cuisine. Citrus fruits, sesame oil, cooking goat meat and milk is used extensively in Antalya cuisine. Some of flavors which must be tasted in Antalya, are medley, kölle, hibeş, pumpkin pie and kulaklı çorba.


 Antalya, known for colorful night life, may be the right choice for rock, techno and hip hop lovers.  You can have fun in the small rock bars on the street of Kaleici.


Antalya hosts many cultural events and festivals. One of the most important of these is the Altın Portakal Film Festival. The first to be held in 1964, the festival welcomes famous artists from Turkish and world cinema and the cinemagoers each year.


Antalya is a city which has the widest range of accommodation options,  on Turkey. Especially you can choice 5-star hotels and 1. class holiday villages in Antalya the tourism capital of Turkey. You can get the best prices by using following panel.

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