One of the World’s Oldest Houses: Ramazanoğlu Mansion, Adana

Adana, is one of the cities that comes to mind when it is said kebab, turnip, briefly eating and drinking culture. There must be many more things coming to our mind about Adana. As well as Adana's blue-flagged beaches, nature wonders, parks, history and nature entertainment life, eating and drinking culture is also very colorful.

Ramazanoğlu Mansion, which witnessed Adana's rich history, is a place you should see when you pass by Adana.​ the 500 year old mansion where Suleiman the magnificent and Murad IV stopped over, challenges the time. Even today, it is standing with all its glory.

Ramazanoglu mansion

It is thought that the mansion located in Ulu Cami Complex in Adana historical city center, was built between 1360 and 1400. This place is one of the most arcahic houses whice still stand since the day it was build, in the world. The historical building which was Ramazanoğulları's family mansion now  has an important place in the social life of the city as the Cultural Center of the University of Cukurova.

The mansion witnessing the important part of the history of Adana, constitute the remaining part of the Palace of Ramazanoglu Seigniory and the Selanik section, viz the administrative center. The building, which is a distinguished example of the architecture of the Beyliks period, was built by Piri Pasha.

Ramazanoglu mansion

Made by the last Ramazanoğlu Bey Halil Bey, dating back to 1495, the Inscription shows the restoration history of the mansion. The building which undergo repair constantly, is seen as one of the examples of the civil architecture of the world, remaining from the 14th century.

Adana Piri Pasha, who get the mansion build, is one of the first viziers of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. Piri Pasha, who worked for 48 years in Adana, has been in similar positions in Karaman, Damascus and Aleppo, and like he built everywhere he went, he also built many of the works in Adana.

Ramazanoglu mansion

Also works in Adana, such as Ulucami and its madrasah, Yağ Mosque and its madrasah, Çeşme, Pamuk Han Masjits, Zaviye-i Cebel Nur, Darüşşifa, Darül Hadis, İmaret, Grand Bazaar and Irmak Bath, were also built by Piri Pasha.

The mansion, which has a plain appearance with cut stone and its brick architecture, consists of three floors and a terraced plaza which constitute the eastern tip of the ground floor plan in "L" shape. Downstairs of the three-storey building with terraces on it, was built with cut stone, the upstairs was built with brick.

Ramazanoglu mansion

The mansion which has the characteristic of being first museum-cultural center in Adana, started to host conferences and various events after its restoration and its allocation to Çukurova University. 

In the mansion, conferences called Saturday Conferences are held. In addition, on last saturday of every month, concert of Turkish Art Music is held. All these events are open public and free. Ramazanoğlu Mansion Culture Center is open to visitors every day except for official holidays.

Due to it has a deep-rooted history, Adana has a very rich historical heritage. So much so that if you go one place every weekend, you can see all beauties in this geography in 1 year. There are many historic buildings and remains that you should see both in the city center and in the districts.

Ramazanoglu mansion

Stop by this city which stay the course to become a center of attraction and also visit this historic mansion. Organized in April months, Orange Blossom Carnival is one of the most popular festivals of Turkey, not just for the people living in Adana. Adana, along with Mersin and Tarsus right next to it, becomes a delicious weekend route. Visit.

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