The Bohemian Side of Belgrade: Skadarlija

Belgrade where East and West converge, Which is one of the oldest capitals of Europe, is a city that reveals its rich history at every side of the city. One of these is also the Skadarlija region, which is around Mikail Street. This area, which is the meeting place of famous socialites of the city in the 9th century, is often compared to Paris's Montmartre region.

Skadarlija which is quite alive, is one of Belgrade's old bohemian sides. The region which is called "Kafana", which a number of restaurants are alined and offers local delicacies and Serbian wines, has a lovely atmosphere. In these venues, it is possible to have a pleasant evening with traditional Serbian live musics in restaurants that are open until the early hours of the morning.


Skadarlija is begin to be restructured in 1966 under the leadership of architect Ugljesa Bogunovic, to protect this part of Old Belgrade, revive the tradition and add contemporary new places to the city. The gypsies who lived here were excluded from this place as from the second half of the nineteenth century.

By adhering to its texture, old parquet stones and lanterns were placed; A fountain was added. In the '70s, Skadarlija was declared a "sister" with Parisian Montmartre, and a co-operation was signed. A regiment consisting of French painters and musicians marched with a parade in Skadarlija.


Today's Skadarlija region was officially reopened in 1993. In Skadarlija, many celebrities have visited the Kafanas which are lined up along a short, curved street. Alfred Hitchcock, Jimi Hendrix, Josip Broz Tito, King of Spain Juan Carlos I, chess player Anatoly Karpov and many more are some of them.

The best cafés here are; Šešir Moj (Old hat), Tri Sesira (Three Hats), Dva Jelena (Two Deers), Zlatni bokal (Golden Goblet), Ima Dana (There are Days) and Dva Bela Goluba (Two White Pigeons). The oleander trees in the wooden barrels, many colorful flowers whose name i don't know, are adorned  streets. One of the main stops of tourists who come to town today is this place.


I had the opportunity to go to Tri Sesira, one of the Kafanas located in Skadarlija. Accompanied by live local music, an ambiance where you can enjoy delicious appetizers and meals. I was there at noontime, but i would to choose to go for dinner. It is necessery to book before going.

It is possible to reach many places of the city by walking. Do not forget to visit this beautiful side of the city, if you pass by Belgrade, the capital of Serbia.

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