The Most Beautiful View of Belgrade: Kalemegdan, Belgrade

We love Belgrade. I also loved Kalemegdan, one of the most beautiful places of Belgrade. In this place, you can feel its magnificent view, the energy of lovers and couples wandering around. The castle is a place where must be set aside time for, among places to visit in Belgrade. 

The castle, located at the point where Sava river connects to Danube, was made by the Romans in the late 1st century and became the headquarters of the Flavian Legion IV. The castle was destroyed countless times as a result of centuries of sieges, wars and conquests, but it was re-built every time.

Althought its current image is from the 18th century, almost all the buildings in it have been demolished because of the wars. There is not much left behind other than its spectacular scenery. The Belgrade Castle consists of Upper Town, Lower Town and Kalemegdan Park.

Kalemegdan Park was built on a plateu in front of the castle at the end of the 19th century. It was designed to make it easier to be seen the enemy coming from opposite. Today, the park is very popular around both by Belgrade and by tourists.

It has sections such as benches you can relax in its shade, eye-catching sculptures, art exhibitions, zoo, amusement parks, souvenir stands. The most favorite place of chess players, squirrels and couples in love, is this place.

The best preserved places of the castle are walls and gates on the upper part of the town. Same way, Military Museum, St. Petka and Ruzia churches, the Roman Wells and Pobednik that is the symbol of Belgrade, are also among the best preserved works.

With medieval gates, Orthodox churches and Islamic remnants, Kalemegdan is one of the important symbols of Belgrade's bloody past. Military Museum in Kalemegdan (closed on mondays) contains 40,000 artifacts from an ancient epoch dating back to NATO bombings, including fragments of the US secret bombing plane. Kalemegdan is also home to the Castle Museum and the Belgrade Zoo. This fabulous park, is located at one end of the Kneza Mihaila, which is known as an ancient Roman street which is a big pedestrian street filled with street cafes today.

Plateau where Pobednik statue is located, offers spectacular views of the rivers and the sunsets. In Lower Town, you can also find the city center remaining from Middle Ages, on the banks of the Danube. It is surrounded by walls and has a harbor. Today, we have only a few buildings left: Kula Nebojsa (Courage Tower) from 1460, Turkish Bath from the 18th century (Currently being used as a planetarium), The Carl VI Gate reached the present day from 1736.

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