Serbia’s Biggest Cathedral: Cathedral of Saint Sava, Belgrade

Belgrade which has many places to visit, hosts Church of Saint Sava, the 10th biggest cathedral of Europe and also the biggest cathedral of Serbia. The story of the church dedicated to St. Sava, the founder of the Serbian Orthodox Church and an important personality in medieval Serbia, dates back to the 1550s.

The Cathedral located in the Vračar platos was also recorded in the records of Sinan Pasha, the captain of the Ottoman Navy. According to these records, this place is shown as the place where Archbishop Sava settled and died after moving from Mileševa Monastery in 1594.

Church of Saint Sava

This place that is often referred to as the Cathedral of St. Sava, often referred to as temple (hram) in original Serbian, is not a cathedral technically due to it is not a bishop's place. (The place of the Metropolitan bishop of Belgrade is St. Michael's Cathedral) The church is often referred to as cathedral in foreign languages because of its size and prominence.

Church of Saint Sava 2

Church of Saint Sava

Kalemegdan Castle which impress with splendor and Kalemegdan Park which has natural beauties, St. Sava Cathedral which is Europe's largest tenth and the largest cathedral of Serbia, The Ascension Church, built by the order of Prince Mihailo Obrenović and financed by the donations of the people are among the places to see in Belgrade.

Belgrade's bohemian sides Skadarlija and Knez Mihailova Street are the most enjoyable places. Belgrade nightlife is already a legend, especially if you are visiting during the summer time.

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