In the Heart of Nature: Dombay, Russia

Dombai or the more commonly used name Dombay, is a holiday town in Russia, near the border of Georgia, in the northern part of the Caucasus. Dombay, a holiday route that has shone in recent years, is a marvelous geography especially for skiers and nature tourism lovers.

Dombay, which was established as hidden on a sheltered valley, among the majestic Caucasus mountains that surrounds its four sides, is a place where four seasons can be taken for a holiday. It is an ideal place to ski holiday in the winters, to breathe on the heart of nature and blow off steam in summers. 


Dombay's population, which means the bison in local language, is less than a thousand people. Here is a town established on the Teberda River, where take its body of water from melting snow on the mountains.

If necessary investment is made, it has the most beautiful ski tracks, winter sports facilities such as mountain climbing, skiing and snowboarding that can rival the Austrian and Swiss Alps.

It is the best place to host mountaineers and skiers, whether amateur or professional, at all levels. Moreover, much more economical. Not only for winter tourism, for nature lovers here has just enough the wealty to make a pleasant nature vacation.

Located right next to it, the Teberda Nature Reserve, has a beauty that can dizzy with its hiking tracks. On the one hand untouched nature, on the other hand its view which its summit is always snowcovered, waterfalls and rivers accompany you. 

The best times for winter vacation are between December and April. With the melting snow, impressive waterfalls emerge in everywhere. The rivers flow with a gurgling sound, the nature fascinate people. Summer offers an excellent climate for any kind of activity as from the beginning of June, in the nature.


Dombay, in the North Caucasus, is bordering by the Karachay-Circassian Republic. The nearest airport to go to Dombay, is located in Stavropol, the center of the region (kray) located in the southwest part of Russia.

The distance from Stavropol to Dombay is 256 km and you wander through the wonderful towns and mountains on a journey of about 3.5 hours. We took a break in many places and took pictures. The best is car hiring.


Breathe the delicious oxygen of Teverda Nature Park to your lungs, listen to nature in hiking trails, rent an ATV and go up to 2,000 meters high slopes, fish in Karagöl, taste the famous Caucasian food. Dombay will not regret you, we're sure!