Trevi Fountain (Fontana di Trevi), Rome

The Trevi Fountain (Fontana di Trevi), also known as the Love Fountain, is one of Rome's most famous constructions. The fountain was built by Pope Clement XII to the Sculptor Nicola Salvi. The fountain which is more new compored to the other famous buildings in Rome, begin to be built in 1732 but could be completed in 30 years with the help of many artists.

Trevi means "three ways" in Italian. It is believed that this name is given due to the 3 ways which go to the square which the fountain is located in. Today around of the fountain is very active especially in night time.

You can see many sculptures on the Trevi Fountain, one of Rome's most famous symbols. In the central part of the fountain is a Neptune figure surrounded by 2 Tritons (messenger of sea). While one of the tritons restrains a grumpy seahorse, the other drive the animal which is more calm. These symbolize 2 opposite faces of the sea. On the relief on the right of the fountain, the virgin who discovered the water resource by getting Acqua Vergine aqueduct built, is delineated.

trevi fountain

Although the Trevi Fountain has a spectacular appearance, one of the reasons why the fountain is so famous is also that coins are thrown into the fountain by making a wish. According to the belief, whoever make a wishes and if throws a coin over his left shoulder with his right hand, his wish comes true and he comes back to Rome. In the pool of Trevi Fountain, thousands of Euros are collected every week and food and drink assistance is provided to the poor by being given to Caritas, a charitable institution.

trevi fountain

The Trevi Fountain has been scene in many important films over the years. The most important of these is the film "La Dolce Vita" directed by Federico Fellini in 1960. In the film, Anita Ekberg who was the famous actress then, entered the pool of the fountain. Also in The Lizzie McGuire movie which came out in 2003, there are scenes of throwing coins into the Trevi Fountain and making a wish.

Add the Trevi Fountain, one of the most famous fountains in the world, on your list of places to visit in Rome.

Trevi Fountain Visiting Information

  • Address: Piazza di Trevi, Rome
  • Transportation: You can reach the region by bus lines 52, 53, 61, 62, 63, 71, 80, 95, 116, 119.
  • The closest stop to the Trevi Fountain is "Barberini".

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