Spanish Steps, Rome

Spanish Steps located in Piazza di Spagna in Rome, is probably one of the things that comes to mind around the world when Italy is called. Because of its magnificent beauty and being one of the most important architectural structures of the baroque art era, it has become Rome's most popular tourist destination.

Spanish Steps

When we added the fact that the biggest steps in Europa is this, it's not so hard to know where its reputation comes from. If you don't go up and down these artistic stairs, it is absolutely acknowledged that you leave your Rome trip undone.

Of course, Piazza di Spagna don't consist of just the Spanish Steps. At the same time Barcaccia fountain where the most hearty wishes are wished and moneys are thrown into, are also located here.

Spanish Steps

While you feel the old world turning into a new modern world, you will both be fascinated and excited. Although you are surrounded by these magnificent old buildings, you will be able to experience the comforts of modern life like the best hotels and restaurants around the square, at any time.

Seeing the Spanish steps is not just a banquet offered to eyes. It will address all your senses. Why do not you take a cone Italian ice cream (gelato) and give ear to resonances of many different languages? You can say goodbye to your Roman holiday to the accompaniment of a lot of different colors, smells and sounds. Do not leave Rome without sitting at the Spanish Steps, which is among the places to visit in Rome.

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