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Rome was built on seven hills, in the middle of Italy peninsula. Rome, which is the capital of Italy, has historically a great importance. It is located between the Tiber and Aniane rivers and is the capital of the Lazio region. For the reason that the independent state Vatican is also here, it is also called as the capital of two states. The city that was shown as the world's greatest city during the Roman Empire is now one of the most crowded cities in the world with a population of 2.7 million.

Owing to the fact that it was the capital city of many civilizations and has a history of 2800 years, it is home to the antique structures. Rome is known as the place where the understanding of the modern state, principles of law are born. In the country which Italian is spoken, there are many places to visit. Rome is one of the most visited cities in the world by tourists. It is not possible to cram everywhere in a short vacation schedule in Rome. Therefore, it is recommended that those who are limited in terms of time make a good plan.

Amor which is mirror writing of Rome which we recognize as the city of romanticism, means love. For this reason it is known as 'the City of Love'. For the reason that the climate of Rome is like the climate of the West Mediterranean Region, summer is hot and dry, winters are rainy. Generally, its owning a temperate climate, allows tourists to visit every season. 

Tiber (Tevere), about 400 kilometers long, divide Rome into two, coming from north. A large part of the city is on the eastern bank of the river. The two sides are joined together with numerous bridges. The western part of the city, which is divided into two as old and new, is called as the old city. The reason for this is that most of the historical monuments are located in this region. The eastern region of the city is also the new city that is full of developing modern structures. The city has regular connections to the other cities of Italy, as well as to Europe, by rail and air. At the same time, the inner city transportation has also improved.

The Roman cuisine is quite rich. There are many restaurants and cafés in the city that exhibit the finest examples of the world famous Italian cuisine. Italian cuisine's pastas are famous. Of course one of the most famous foods of the country cuisine is pizzas. The most famous desserts in the country are Tiramisu, Panna Cotta and Gelato, which is a Roman ice cream. Also in city, night life is very developed and the number of entertainment places is quite high. Cinemas, theaters are open for ten months except two months of the summer. In addition, in Rome the film industryhas also grown considerably. Cinecitta which is established and developed around the city, is regarded as one of the most famous cinema centers of Europe, even of the world.

Best Time to Visit Rome

For the reason that, in Rome the temperate Mediterranean climate is seen, it is suitable to visit on all seasons of the year. However, it is crowded because it is visited by many tourists in summer. Autumn / winter months are a good time for those who prefer cheap holidays because in this period the prices of hotels decrease. For those who wish to visit in warm weather, it is suggested to go on the lates of spring for it will be less crowded. 

Other factors that need to be considered are that entrances to the museums and historic placesare free of charge on the first Sunday of every month. The museums and historic sites are generally closed on Mondays. Also on public holidays like 25th December, 1 January and 1 May, everywhere is closed. The best months to visit Rome are the beginning of September, October and November, or April and May. 

Location Of Rome

rome location

Rome is positioned in Italy as the capital of Lazio region and the province of Roma. Rome, which has both city and private commune status, is between Tiber and Aniane rivers and close to the Mediterranean. Rome is founded on 7 hills named Palatino, Aventino, Campidoglio, Quirinale, Viminale, Esquilino and Celio.

Roman Cuisine

Pastas and pizzas of Italian cuisine are famous. It has many kinds of sauces like sauces made of parmesan cheese, seafoods, and mince. Penne and Ravioli are the most famous pasta varieties. Lasagna is one of the famous meals of Italian cuisine. Lasagna which is a kind of pasta, has varieties of mince, vegetables and chicken. Another famous meal called Italy's rice is Risotto. One of the country's most famous foods is also pizzas. Roasted Beef and Osso Buco are from the most preferred meat meals. The most famous desserts in the country are Tiramisu, Panna Cotta and Gelato, which is a Roman ice cream. In the country which Toscana wines are produced, there are the best quality wines.

It is possible to find countless restaurants offering traditional and modern tastes, where you can find the finest examples of the world famous Italian cuisine. There are many options in local restaurats which have especially seafood delicacies, risottos, Italian pizzas and vegetarian dishes. Although it is common in the region of Naples, in Rome some restaurants serve limoncello after meals. There are several restaurants in the Vatican that offer samples from Italian cuisine. Most known are Old Bridge, Siciliainbocca and Insalata Ricca. The restaurant located in the Vatican Museum also serve.

Recommended restaurants;

  • La Pergola – An award-winning and quite luxurious restaurant
  • Ristorante 2 Caminetto – Family restaurant offering delicious Italian tastes.
  • Pastificio – The most ideal place to have a quick bite  It is possible to eat cheaply.
  • Panino Romanesco – A venue serving in especially homemade and sandwich varieties.
  • Forno Panificio Arnese- A venue whose pizzas are quitely successful.

Definitely the places that must be visited for ice cream lovers; Giolitti, San Crispino, Gelateria del Teatro.

  • I Dolci di Nonna- If you are looking for dessert varieties in different tastes, it is an address you need to come by, its prices are a bit high. 
  • Pompi – a place for sweet lovers. Assertive in tiramisu.

Festivals & Events in Rome

In Rome, throughout the year, many festivals are held. Some important festivals are listed as follows:

  • The foundation of Rome – (April 21)
  • International Horse Racing and Jumping Competitions – Piazza di Siena – (Mayıs)
  • International Tennis Championship – Women and Men – (May)
  • San Pietro (Peter) and San Paolo (St. Paul) Celebrations – (June 29)
  • Rome International Fair (May – June)
  • Tevere Expo (fair held along Tiber River) – (second half of June and July)
  • Estate Romana Musica (Opera, Music and Outdoor Cinemas) – (July – August): Dancers from various parts of the world exhibit their performances on the streets. At the same time, during this period, theater and opera performances are also performed.
  • The Noantri Festival: It is celebrated in the Rome streets / Trastevere region. (Last week of July). During this period a large street walk and demonstrations take place. It is mostly a religious festival and lasts for 8 days. A giant cross is carried by people belonging to different sects, dressed in traditional clothing. In this period, in the Trastevere region, traditional folk dances are shown.
  • Roma Europa – (September): Many European artists organize theater plays and concerts throughout the festival.

Places to Visit in Rome

Rome is one of the most important cities in the world in terms of places to visit. There are hundreds of places you can go and see in Roma which was home to many important civilizations from the past to the present day with its history of 2800 years. I guarantee you will have a very enjoyable trip with your loved ones in Rome which you can see the most important structures of ancient Rome, especially the Colosseum and the Roman Forum.

The Vatican, which is the smallest state in the world and is located within the borders of Rome, is also a great place for Catholics. The Vatican Museums located in the Vatican are an art treasure in their own right. Without belabouring, let's go through the details in our places to visit in Rome page which is the most important page of our Rome travel guide.

1) The Symbol of Rome; Colosseum 


Colosseum is one of the world's most famous touristic structures. The amphitheater whose construction was started by Emperor Vespasian in 72 AD, was opened eight years later by Titus. According to belief, this famous building takes its name from the gigantic statue of Emperor Nero at the height of 30 m, called Colossus Neronis.

Colosseum which was built right on east of the Roman Forum, has a viewer capacity of 50,000 – 80,000. While the theater was used with its purpose, these viewers were being sat down according to class distinctions.  Continue Reading ==>

2) A 2000 Years Old Structure in Rome: Roman Forum

roman forum

The Roman Forum is located between Palatino Hill and the Coliseum, one of Rome's most important tourist sites. The Roman Forum is located between Palatino Hill and the Colosseum, one of Rome's most important tourist sites. For the reason that the Forum and Palatino Hill are adjacent to each other, you can easily go and return between the two. If you want to enter the forum anyway, you have to buy the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the Palatino Hill combined ticket. So you can not just visit the Forum.

The main entrance to the forum is situated between the Colosseum and Piazza Venezia (Venice Square). Also, the door situated right next to the Colosseum entrance is the exit of the forum. So, you can not enter to the forum from here.

The Roman Forum was initially a swamp. But the Romans turned the region into a political and social activity center. Today, it is still said that excavation and restoration works continue. Continue Reading ==>

3) St. Peter’s Square (Piazza San Pietro), Vatican

St. Peter's Square

Saint Peter's Square is the famous square of the Vatican, the smallest state of the world. The square located in front of the St. Peter's Basilica, was made by Neapolitan artist, sculptor and architect Gian Lorenzo Bernini for Pope Alexander VIII between 1656-1667. Bernini's 196 cm spaced column sequence, is opened two sides as if it will embrace visitors who come here.

Situated in the middle of the square and remained from the 1st century BC, the obelisk was brought from Alexandria and erected on its currently situation by the help of 150 horses and 47 cranes in 1586. Also there are two fountains on St. Peter's Square. The fountain on the left is of Bernini, the fountain on the right is the work of Domenico Fontana. Continue Reading ==>

4) St. Peter’s Basilica (Basilica di San Pietro)

St. Peter's Basilica Interior

St. Peter's Basilica located in the Vatican is one of the most important structures of the Christian world. The structure which is pilgrimage point of the Roman Catholics, is the biggest church in the world and 60,000 people can fit into it at the same time. This famous church of the Vatican is a giant with dimensions of 222 meters in length and 138 meters in height.

In the 2nd century BC, a monument was erected on where the grave of St. Peter is situated, and then, on this spot, first basilica was built in M.S 349 with the order of Emperor Constantinus. In the 15th century, instead of the original basilica which was tend to be broken down, a new one was made. The construction of the current basilica was started in 1506 in the period of Pope Julius II. The basilica, whose construction contined for more than 100 years, was completed in 1612 during the reign of Pope Paul VI. According to the legend, the basilicas were built in 67 BC at the point where crucifixion was came true. Continue Reading ==>

5) The Temple of Gods: Pantheon, Roma


The Pantheon is a temple which all the gods of the ancient Roman period are located. The Pantheon means "temple of all gods" in Latin. When it is compared to other temples that remain to nowadays, it is one of the best preserved from the AD 2nd century until today.

Althought the Pantheon, which also possess the greatest dome feature without the need for support, in the history of architecture, was originally built as a Roman temple, later turned to the Catholic Church.

The most incredible thing to know about is that the height of the rounded glass at the top are on same size as its diameter (43.3 meters). Continue Reading ==>

6) Trevi Fountain (Fontana di Trevi), Rome

Trevi Fountain

The Trevi Fountain (Fontana di Trevi), also known as the Love Fountain, is one of Rome's most famous constructions. The fountain was built by Pope Clement XII to the Sculptor Nicola Salvi. The fountain which is more new compored to the other famous buildings in Rome, begin to be built in 1732 but could be completed in 30 years with the help of many artists.

Trevi means "three ways" in Italian. It is believed that this name is given due to the 3 ways which go to the square which the fountain is located in. Today around of the fountain is very active especially in night time.

You can see many sculptures on the Trevi Fountain, one of Rome's most famous symbols. In the central part of the fountain is a Neptune figure surrounded by 2 Tritons (messenger of sea). While one of the tritons restrains a grumpy seahorse, the other drive the animal which is more calm. These symbolize 2 opposite faces of the sea. On the relief on the right of the fountain, the virgin who discovered the water resource by getting Acqua Vergine aqueduct built, is delineated. Continue Reading ==>

7)  Spanish Steps, Rome

Spanish Steps

Spanish Steps located in Piazza di Spagna in Rome, is probably one of the things that comes to mind around the world when Italy is called. Because of its magnificent beauty and being one of the most important architectural structures of the baroque art era, it has become Rome's most popular tourist destination.

When we added the fact that the biggest steps in Europa is this, it's not so hard to know where its reputation comes from. If you don't go up and down these artistic stairs, it is absolutely acknowledged that you leave your Rome trip undone.

Of course, Piazza di Spagna don't consist of just the Spanish Steps. At the same time Barcaccia fountain where the most hearty wishes are wished and moneys are thrown into, are also located here. Continue Reading ==>



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