Rome Shopping Guide – What to Buy in Rome?

One of the most delightful parts of our Rome Travel Guide is, of course, the Rome shopping guide part. Shopping which is from the most entertaining parts of abroad trips, has a separate importance for many of us. For this reason, we have gathered all the information you might need while shopping in Rome, one of the most important tourist cities in the world. Throughout the article you will find all the information you may need about shopping throughout your Rome trip.

Informations on Shopping in Rome

Rome has been a constantly growing center bout shopping since ancient times. Italian designers have a worldwide reputation from clothes to leather goods, from interior decorations to design of various products such as glassware. For this reason, you can see the shops of world famous fashion brands, as well as the boutiques where personal products are designed, in many points of the city.

Currency: In Rome, the common currency Euro (€) which is valid in the main countries of European Union, is valid. 1 Euro is equivalent to 100 Cent (¢). There are 7 banknotes and 8 coins types in Euro. (Coins: 1 ¢, 2 ¢, 5 ¢, 10 ¢, 20 ¢, 50 ¢, 1 €, 2 € Banknotes: 5 €, 10 €, 20 €, 50 €, 100 €, 200 € and 500 € .) Please note that  stores may not accept over € 50 or € 100.

Currency Exchange: Before your trip to Rome, you can take along a small amount of Euros with you and you can spend your main expenses by credit card and other small expenses in cash. Some small businesses will help you get a small discount on cash payments. If you need currency exchange in Rome, you can go to the "cambio" section of the banks for the most convenient. You can also carry out CamBio transaction in the normal exchange offices except the banks. Of course, the exchange rates will be slightly higher. In addition, before receipt, it's good to make exact equivalent of money you want to exchange confirmed to officer. It is better if your passport should be with you while you are changing the currency. If you are stuck in a difficult situation, some of the hotels can also exchange currency, of course against high commissions.

Shopping in Rome

Credit Card Usage and ATMs: At your Rome shoppings, if you wish, you can use your credit card. Credit cards in the form of Master Card and Visa are accepted at many points in the city. It is beneficial to ask before the shopping that American Express is accepted or not. Otherwise, if you need the Euro, you can exchange money using ATM or credit card from ATMs. In this process, a small commission determined by your bank is reflected, also for this transaction, you can learn from your bank whether your account and card are open to abroad or not.

Tax Free: The most enjoyable part of your Roman shopping is probably tax free. Although some fashion products are not cheaper in Italy, you can shop economically by taking back your tax refund with bulk shopping that you do in a single shop. During your trip to Rome, at shoppings which you see the "Tax Free" emblem and spend at least € 155, you get to reach tax refund of approximately 12%. For this, keep your passport with you during the shopping and fill out the form given to you by the shop. While leaving the country, you can reach tax refund right by showing the goods you bought from the "Tax Free Refund" section of the airports and stamping the receipt you received to the Italian customs. You can learn about the subject from the shop where you shop. In the meantime, if you shop at a place without the "Tax Free" logo, although it is possible to get a tax return, it's a bit more nuisence.

Discount: In Rome, there are two great discount times during the year. The discounts called as "Saldi" are between January 7 and February, the others are between July and mid-September.

Opening Hours: In Rome, especially small businesses and some stores run as a family, have a long lunch break. Although this situation gradually give place to full time employment in touristic centers and big stores, keep this information in mind when shopping in local shops. The stores usually open at 09.00 and serve until 19.30 pm. The banks are closed on weekends and official holidays. Many shops are closed on Sundays. In addition, most of the shops can be closed for 2 weeks from the middle of August. The exchange office located in Termini Station can be open on Sundays.

Roma market

Peddler & Bargain: There are heaps of peddlers in Rome's all sides without exaggeration. Nowadays, one of the most popular products are selfie sticks. When it rains, the selfie sticks give place to raincoats and umbrellas. If it is necessery to give a small example of bargaining; Sellers who quote 5 euros firstly, can decrease the price up to 2-3 euros. While some sellers assent to 2 euros, some don't descrease the price below 3 euros. In short, it is possible to buy product for at least half price of the offered price with a nice bargain. Apart from these, you can see plenty of imitation purses and telephone accessories on the stall.

Rome souvenirs

Famous Shopping Streets

The main luxury shopping area in the city starts from Piazza di Spagna and continues as Via del Corso – Largo C. Goldoni. Besides these, you can shop in the street markets established all over the city or at famous Roman malls.

  • Via Condotti: The most fashionable shops and haute couture brands (Gucci, Bulgari, Prada, Hermez, Armani …) are here.
  • Via del Corso: You can find everything from music stores to quality shoe stores for young people. Although the Disney World store sells some expensive items, it is one of the original selling shops for children.
  • Via cola di Rienzo: There are usually stores selling middle-class clothing.
  • Via Borgagnana: Distinguished brands's shops such as Dolce e Gabanna, Fendi, Ferre, Versace are located.
  • Via dei Coranari: Antique stores are located.
  • Via del Babuino: Here you can find stores owned brands such as Armani, Chanel and Tiffany, as well as antique and custom-designed furniture and home furnishings.
  • Via Marqutta: Stores that antiques and interesting art works are sold are located.
  • Via Bocca di Leone: Slegant boutiques are located.
  • Via Nazionale: There are bookstores, stores that bags and suitcases are sold as well as shoe stores and boutiques, are located. Desigual, Batta and Guess are some of the brands which have shops on the street.
  • Via Dei Giubbonari: Apart from sports clothing stores, you can also find classical clothes.
  • Castroni: It needs to be opened a separate section for Castroni, which has 11 branches across Rome. Castroni is a exact gourmet food wholesaler. Apart from hundreds of varieties of tea and coffee, you can find international delicacies in the city-wide branches of the company. Address (1): Via Nazionale Address 71 (2): For those who are near the Vatican, Via Cola di Rienzo 196.

via condotti

What to Buy in Rome?

The most delightful part of the Rome Shopping Guide is undoubtedly the part of the things that can be bought in city. During the trip you can get beautiful gifts from Rome to yourself and your loved ones. The first thing that can be bought in Rome which is the capital of Italy, one of the most favorite countries of the world, is of course textile products. In particular, you can write stylish leather products such as bags, shoes and belts at the top of the list. If your budget is convenient, there are dozens of stores selling personal stylish design products in the city. We must not forget the delicious Italian tastes. Apart from that, you can find lots of handicrafts and various antique products in Rome. Don't be daunted right away, on every side of Rome, one of the most tourist cities in the world, you can find beautiful touristic objects that will remember your trip. 

Rome Shopping Centers

Rome is a city that offers plenty of options fo its visitors in the terms of shopping mall. If you want to browse the shops of luxury brands throughout your trip, you can browse the shopping centers in the city. The shopping centers are called "Grand magazines". Here are the most famous of the shopping centers in Rome:

  • Euroma 2: One of the most famous shopping centers of Rome. It is home to stores, restaurants, cafes and a supermarket. Address: 710 Via Cristoforo. Metro: EUR Fermi.
  • Parco Leonardo:  One of the largest shopping center in the city, close to Fiumicino airport. It has more than 200 stores. Adres: Via Giulio Romano, Fiumino.
  • Roma Est: The shopping mall where more than 220 stores are located. It houses shops of famous brands. Address: Scincolo Ponte di Nona. Bus: 55, 314.
  • Da Vinci Mall: Opened in 2007, this AVM is located in Fiumicino. There are many brands' stores in it. Address: Germinia.
  • La Romania: One of the big shopping center of the city. Address: Via Ciro Ferri.
  • Porta di Roma:  One of Rome's modern shopping centers. It has shops, restaurants and a children's playground in it. Address: Via Alberto Lionello. Bus: From Termini 30 no. 
  • Cinecitta 2: It includes stores of brands such as Accessorize, Classe 1, Calvin Klein, Calzedonia, H & M, Zara and Swarovski. Address: Via Tuscolona.
  • La Rinascente: Ready-to-wear, home furnishings and perfumes etc. stores are located. You can find Burbery, Roberto Cavalli, Diesel, Bulgari, Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger etc. brands. Address: Via del Corso 189.
  • Coin: You can find ready-to-wear, home furnishings and cosmetics. Address (1): Piazza Appia 7, Address (2): Via Cola di Rienzo 173.
  • Oviesse: You can find affordable clothes and home furnishings. Address (1): Viale Trastevere 62. Address (2): Via Appia Nuova 181-5.
  • Upim: Medium quality clothing and household goods can be found. Address (1): Via del Tritone 172. Address (2): Termini Station. Address (3): Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore.
  • Cineatta Due Centro Commerciale: Restaurants except nearly 100 stores are located. Address: Viale Palmiro Togliatti 2.
  • Anagnina:  Ready-to-wear stores, restaurant, cafe and a supermarket are located. Address: Via Torre di Miezzovia.
  • Casilino: It includes clothing stores, electronic item shops, restaurants and supermarkets. Address: 1012 Via Casilina.
  • II Forum Termini: It contains about 50 shops and supermarkets. Address: Termini Station.

Euroma 2

Roman Markets

Try to spend some time on the street markets in the city during your Rome shopping tour. Street markets are the most enjoyable way of watching a city's shopping culture. You can get special products at reasonable prices on some stalls by bargain. The markets in the city are divided into fruit & vegetable and flea market. Each neighborhood has its own food market and these markets are called "mercato alimentare". These markets are usually open from morning until noon. Flea markets in Rome are also usually open on Sundays and you can find vintage fashion items, home furnishings and antique items in these markets. Although the list of Roman street markets is quite long, we have tried to bring together the most popular ones for you.

campo de fiori

  • Campo de Fiori: Rome's most famous open-air market. It is open every day between 08.00-14.00 except Sundays. In the market located in a beautiful medieval square, sells fruits, vegetables and fish are sold. Apart from these, you can find dried fruits, spices, various foods and cheap souvenirs, in colored benches. Address: Piazza Campo dei Fiori. Bus: 40, 46, 62, 64, 70, 81, 116, 492, 628. Tram: 8.
  • Porta Portese: The largest flea market that is open on Sunday mornings (08.00-14.00) of the city. From souvenirs to clothes, from bags to real or fake antique products, everything can be found in the market. Address: Via Ippolito Nievo. Bus: H, 23, 44, 75. Tram: 3, 8.
  • Borgetto Flamino: A market which is open on Sundays (10.00-19.00) in an old bus garage, with bijouterie, vintage clothes and second hand goods. Address: Piazza della Marina 32nd Metro: Flamino-Piazza del Popolo.
  • Mercato di Testaccio:​ Closed market where cheap clothes are sold outside and fruit and vegetables are sold inside. Every day except Sunday, it is open between 08.00-14.00 hrs. Address: Piazza Testaccio. Metro: Piramide. Bus: 23, 75, 280.
  • Anticoplie a Ponte Milvio: A special antique market where various furniture, sculptures, tables and special products are sold on more than 200 stalls. It is open on the first and second Sunday of the month, between 09.00 and 20.00 hours.
  • Mercato Andrea Doria: Interesting market where from clothes to shoes, from fruits to vegetables, a wide range of products are sold. It is open between 07.00-13.00 every day except Sunday. Address: Via Andrea Doria. Metro: Ottaviano S.Pietro. Bus: 23, 70, 490.
  • Via Mamiani: The biggest fresh meat and fish market of the city. It is open on Monday and Saturday mornings. Address: Via Mamiani.
  • Via Sannio: The market where cheap clothes and imitation products of famous brands are sold. It is open every day on weekdays and Saturday mornings. Address: Via Sannio.
  • Piazza della Coppelle: Near the Pantheon, one of the city's finest food markets. It is open every day except Sunday, 07.00-13.00. Address: Piazza della Coppele.
  • Piazza Testaccio: The closed market where fresh vegetables and fruits are sold. It is open on Monday and Saturday mornings. Address: Piazza Testaccio.
  • Via Trionfale Flower Market: The market where all kinds of flowers and plants are sold is open on Tuesday mornings. Address: Via Trinfale. 
  • Parcheggio Borghese: The flea market, which is open on the first weekend of the month between October-June and where children's goods are sold. Address: Via Francesco Crispi 96.
  • Piazza San Costimanto: Trastevere region's live fruit & vegetable market. It is open on Monday and Saturday mornings. Address: Piazza San Costimato.
  • Mercato della Stampe: The market where underuse books, magazines and various old prints are sold. Every day except Sunday, it is open between 07.00-13.00. Do not forget to bargain firmly. Address: Largo della Fontanella di Borghese. Bus: 81, 116, 117, 492, 628.
  • Mercato dei Fiori: The closed flower market that is only open on Tuesdays. Address: Via Trionfale. Metro: Ottoviano S. Pietro. Bus: 23, 51, 40, 490

You can find all the information you may need during your trip to Rome on our Rome Travel Guide pages.


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