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Seeing Rome, which hosts many buildings, with night lighting is one of the things visitors must do. Historical buildings in the city are getting even more impressive appearance with night lighting. The Testaccio region is a place where those who wonder about the nightlife, can find themself in the most enjoyable part of the city. The first area that comes to mind when night life in Rome is said, is this place. The San Lorenzo region is also mostly the region where the locals hang out rather than tourists. The most active areas in evening hours are Campo dei Fiori Square, Navona Square and Spanish Steps as are during the daytime. There are many venues that you can choose for nightlife in Rome, one of the most touristic capitals of Europe. We can not say that night life is cheap in Rome, so it is beneficial to be cautious.

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One of the most important factors to know about night life in Rome is that many clubs open their doors after 22:00. In short, night life begins late in Rome. From popular places of Rome, Campo de Fiori square, Navona Square and Spanish Steps are also very colorful and vibrant in the evenings. The best night clubs are gathered in the Testaccio region, entertainment places are mostly in the Trastevere region. The square where young people gathered at night is Piazza Tilussa. The bars and clubs in San Lorenzo, where university students are gathered, are quite crowded on weekends. In this area, generally the locals have fun. The Spanish Steps are one of the places where all young people gather. Navona Square is where the most beautiful cafes are situated. The region of Campo di Fiori is the region where nightlife is most intense.

Distillerie Clandestine, an important and very special nightclub in Rome, has the theme of the 1930s. In the venue which has club, restaurant and disco sections, cocktails attract attention. The Goa Club, a specially designed venue, is also one of the venues which attract attention in Rome. The venue is not just Rome, but one of Europe's most famous nightclubs. In the venue which musics appealing to sophisticated tastes are played, the best DJs in Europe often perform.

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In Rome there are many options for nigh entertainment with wine bars, clubs, live music venues and cafés. One of Rome's oldest jazz venues, Alexanderplatz is one of the places to be seen for music lovers. In the venue which hosts local musicians as well as international musicians, foods are also quite good. Le Coppelle, which hosts a cocktail bar which is famous for various wine lists, is one of the places that must be seen with its eye-catching decoration. Fiddler's Elbow, one of the oldest Irish pubs in Rome, also draws attention with improvisational music. La Vineria which the wine and beer prices are reasonable, Rock Castle Cafe which is one of the fashion venues, appealing to rock lovers, Les Affiches, which serve up until daylight and serve breakfast on weekends, are the venues that can be gone in Rome.

Recommended Venues;

  • Alien
  • Gilda
  • Alexanderplatz
  • La Cabala

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