Festivals & Events in Rome, Italy

In Rome, throughout the year, many festivals are held. Some important festivals are listed as follows:

  • The foundation of Rome – (April 21)
  • International Horse Racing and Jumping Competitions – Piazza di Siena – (Mayıs)
  • International Tennis Championship – Women and Men – (May)
  • San Pietro (Peter) and San Paolo (St. Paul) Celebrations – (June 29)
  • Rome International Fair (May – June)
  • Tevere Expo (fair held along Tiber River) – (second half of June and July)
  • Estate Romana Musica (Opera, Music and Outdoor Cinemas) – (July – August): Dancers from various parts of the world exhibit their performances on the streets. At the same time, during this period, theater and opera performances are also performed.
  • The Noantri Festival: It is celebrated in the Rome streets / Trastevere region. (Last week of July). During this period a large street walk and demonstrations take place. It is mostly a religious festival and lasts for 8 days. A giant cross is carried by people belonging to different sects, dressed in traditional clothing. In this period, in the Trastevere region, traditional folk dances are shown.
  • Roma Europa – (September): Many European artists organize theater plays and concerts throughout the festival.

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