Roman Cuisine – Best Recipes of Roman Cuisine

Pastas and pizzas of Italian cuisine are famous. It has many kinds of sauces like sauces made of parmesan cheese, seafoods, and mince. Penne and Ravioli are the most famous pasta varieties. Lasagna is one of the famous meals of Italian cuisine. Lasagna which is a kind of pasta, has varieties of mince, vegetables and chicken. Another famous meal called Italy's rice is Risotto. One of the country's most famous foods is also pizzas. Roasted Beef and Osso Buco are from the most preferred meat meals. The most famous desserts in the country are Tiramisu, Panna Cotta and Gelato, which is a Roman ice cream. In the country which Toscana wines are produced, there are the best quality wines.

It is possible to find countless restaurants offering traditional and modern tastes, where you can find the finest examples of the world famous Italian cuisine. There are many options in local restaurats which have especially seafood delicacies, risottos, Italian pizzas and vegetarian dishes. Although it is common in the region of Naples, in Rome some restaurants serve limoncello after meals. There are several restaurants in the Vatican that offer samples from Italian cuisine. Most known are Old Bridge, Siciliainbocca and Insalata Ricca. The restaurant located in the Vatican Museum also serve.

Recommended restaurants;

  • La Pergola – An award-winning and quite luxurious restaurant
  • Ristorante 2 Caminetto – Family restaurant offering delicious Italian tastes.
  • Pastificio – The most ideal place to have a quick bite  It is possible to eat cheaply.
  • Panino Romanesco – A venue serving in especially homemade and sandwich varieties.
  • Forno Panificio Arnese- A venue whose pizzas are quitely successful.

Definitely the places that must be visited for ice cream lovers; Giolitti, San Crispino, Gelateria del Teatro.

  • I Dolci di Nonna- If you are looking for dessert varieties in different tastes, it is an address you need to come by, its prices are a bit high. 
  • Pompi – a place for sweet lovers. Assertive in tiramisu.


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