10 Things You Should Definitely Do in Rome

1) See Colosseum

rome colloseum

The Colosseum, that comes to everyone's mind when Rome is called and that is one of the world's most well-known symbolic structures, is at the top of the places you want to go first in Rome. For the Colosseum, which has thousands of years of history, it will be useful to be at the ticket officeses in early hours of the morning because after a while long queues are formed. The hours you can visit are from 09:00 to 19:30.

2) Go to the Pantheon


Known as the temple of all the gods, Panteheon is an incredibly spectacular building. If you look toward the dome while you are inside, you better understand how big it is. From the hole on the 43-meter diameter dome, daylight bleeds. It is open between 08: 30-19: 30 hours everyday. You can also visit on Sundays from 09:00 to 18:00.

3) Watch a ritual in Basilica San Giovanni in Laterano

Basilica San Giovanni in Laterano

The basilica, also known as the main church of the Catholic world, is also the residence of the Pope. It is the most important and oldest church of the West. Both its interior design and its appearance are admirable. It can be visited from 07:00 to 19:00.

4) Travel to Ancient Rome at Forum

roman forum

If you stop and want to feel in ancient ages yourself for a moment, the Forum is just right for you. Though, you can feel like so in most of Rome's streets, but this place is where make you impressed with its columns, arches and temple remains. It is open from 09:00 to 19:30. Even if you do not enter the Forum, it will offer you beautiful landscapes in many aspects when you are wandering around the city.

5) Participate in a Food Tour and Discover Italian Tastes

Italian pizza

Your chance of eating bad food in places where you enter haphazard in Rome are very high. So join a meal tour to find the places that make pasta the best and number one in pizzas, quickly. In particular, Trastevere tour of Eating Rome Food Tours is very successful

6) Watch the city from the terrace of Vittoriano

You can watch Rome from the top by giving only 7 euros. The Vittoriano II monument has one of the most beautiful views of Rome. It's definitely worth the money you give. It is open from 09:30 to 18:00.

7) See a different country in Rome; Visit the Vatican

St. Peter's Square

When you are in Rome, go to the Vatican to also see another country. Aside from joking, do not return without seeing the most sacred center of Christianity and the museums that have an infinite number of artifacts inside. Be prepared to wait in long queues, of course.

8) Spend time in the Jewish Quarter

In the region where the Jews were forced to live many years ago, there are restaurants and cafés that offer fine cuisine today. Kosher writing at the entrance of the restaurants will take your attention. That is, they indicate that they serve with animal products that are slaughtered by Jewish methods. There are also many historic buildings in the area.

9) See the Fountain of Love and the Spanish Steps

Spanish Steps

Although we know it as the Fountain of Love, the fountain, whose original name is Fontana Di Trevi namely Trevi Fountain, attracts attention with its architecture. When you turn your back to the pool and throw away coins, it is assumed that you will come back to the city again or that your wish will be real. The Spanish stairs, namely Scalinata Della Trinita Dei Monti, also took its name due to the domicile of the Spanish ambassador located in the vicinity. There are streets which there are many luxury shops around it.

10) Enjoy the squares

campo de fiori

Campo Di Fiori, Palazzo Venezia, Palazzo Navono and Palazzo Di Popoli are from the most famous squares of Rome. There are a lot of large and small squares. You can eat from fresh fruit bought in  Campo Di Fiori, buy gift limoncello or olive oil. In Piazza Navona, whether sit and rest on the side of the fountain or sip your drink in one of the lovely cafes.


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