How to Get to Capri Island?

Capri Island is one of the most famous islands of the Mediterranean. With its elegant boutiques set on the peak of a rocky island, with nice venues and design shops, it is a magnificent island amidst of a immense blue sky. 

Capri Island, just opposite Naples city of Italy, is located about 5 km away from the Sorrento Peninsula in the Gulf of Naples. While Capri Island where the Roman Emperor Caesar and his successor Tiberius couldn't stand its attraction, was hosting the nobles in the past centuries, it now frequent hosts of jet sets. Despite being only a small island of 11 kilometers, which has managed to attract interest with its places to visit and see, it has a rightful charm to enter the holiday route alone.

How to Get to Capri Island?

The only way to go Capri Island is to board ferry from Naples or Sorrento. Of course, as I did before, you need to fly to Napoli, which hosts the nearest airport. Turkish Airlines offers nonstop flights from Istanbul Ataturk Airport to Naples Airport every 2 hours and 15 minutes each day of the week.

Naples International Airport (IATA: NAP) is located 5.9 km north of Naples center. Take the Naples Alibus Airport Shuttle (4 €) to Porto di Molo Beverello in 25 minutes. From there, take the high-speed ferries to Capri Island in 50 minutes (19 €).

If you are thinking how to get to Capri Island and looking for a quick way, you should go to the port of Porto di Calata Porta di Massa from the airport by taxi (20 €). You can board the slow ferries (€ 12) which goes in 1 hour 20 minutes or the other ferry which goes in 1 hour (17,80 €). Once you pass the Capri, go to Capri Centro with the funiculars (1,80 €). Trip for at least a few hours in Capri and see the places to see. Go to Marina Piccola from the center by wandering.

Return to the center from Marina Piccola by taking a bus (1.80 €)  or walking and then take the bus again to go to Anacapri (1,80 €). If you are going to the Grotta Azzurra, take the bus hitting the road from Anacapri. After visit Anacapri, take the bus to Porta di Marina Grande.

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