One of the Strangest Islands of the Mediterranean: Gaiola Island, Naples

Naples, one of the most important cities of the Campania Region located on the south west of Italy, is the third largest city of the country. Throughout its rich history, with its unique antique remains from Spanish and Greek cultures, it is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Although Napoli is not much preferred by Turkish tourists, I love this city with its almost every side. Napoli has a character, stance, vitality and taste. There are historical and cultural riches which are sprinkled all over the city, that are worth seeing.

gaiola island

Gaiola Island, Naples

One of these is also Gaiola Island, one of the strangest islands of the Mediterranean. Tiny island Isola La Gaiola, is located just a few meters off the Posilipo area of Naples. It is surrounded by crystal clear, but mostly wavy waters. 

Isola la Gaiola is actually made up of two small islands in the Gulf of Naples. The gulf is part of the Gaiola Underwater Park, which protects the rich underwater life and the ancient Roman remains under water.

Gaiola Island

Under the beautiful image of Gaiola Island, it is said to have a curse. The title of the cursed island dates back to the 1920s. The fate of the Swiss Hans Braun who was one of first settlers, does not go well. 

After living in the island for a few years, his dead body was found as wrapped in a rug. A few months later his wife drowns in the sea and loses her life.

Deaths in the island are not limited to these names. The island's next German owner, Otto Grunback, loses his life in a home in the island after a sudden heart attack.

gaiola island

Another lucky guy of the island is Baron Karl Paul Langheim.This very rich baron come to the threshold of brink of economic bankruptcy. 

Along with Gianni Agnelli's being the new owner of the island, his relatives start to die one by one. His son is also kidnapped by the kidnappers.

The last owner of the island, Gianpasquale Grappone, was also accused of murder and imprisoned. The two people he kills are the coastal neighbors on the side across the island. The two people he kills are the coastal neighbors on the coast across the island.

gaiola island

For years, these bad news can not stop tourists from flocking to this beautiful island of coursely. Gaiola Island, one of the most cursed places in Europe and one of the world's most mysterious is today still a piece of paradise that is still dazzling with its natural beauty.

If you go Naples, stop by the Pauspypon Archaeological Park. Pass through the 770-meter-long The Seiano's Cave tunnel which dates back BC, reach an antique (5 €), which remained from the Roman period, standing still. On right opposite, Gaiola Island will be in front of your eyes.

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