Matthias Fountain, Budapest

Matthias Fountain (Matyas Kut) is perhaps the most famous fountain in Budapest. It was designed by Alajos Strobl in 1904 and depicts King Matthias and Ilonka who is a peasantly beautiful girl. Most of the visitors prefer to see the fountains of the Buda Castle instead of seeing the sculptures.

The design of Çeşmen was made by Alajos Strobl, the most famous sculptor in Hungary. On the other side of the complex, west of the main dome, another terrace with four flower beds and a statue, also known as the Loszelidito or Wrangler Horse are located. There is a trainer trying to restrain a cranky horse at the statue.

The story told about the fountain was recorded by Mihaly Vörösmarty who is belonging to King Matthias Corvinus (Matyas) and palace historian. Fountain’s story subjected to Ilonka’s legend.

King Matthias was often going hunting. One day, he and his friends meet Szep Ilonka, a very attractive peasant girl, while on a hunt. At first sight they fall in love with each other. Matthias returns to his palace and has never told Ilonka about his true personality. But he tells Ilonka to visit him in Buddha.

Ilonka comes to the Buddha as quickly as she can. On her arrival, a very large crowd celebrates the king due to he won a victorious victory.

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