The Erasmus Bridge (Erasmusbrug), Rotterdam

The architectural capital of the Netherlands, Rotterdam is home to numerous buildings, each one of which will be enjoyed seeing. This futuristic city of the Netherlands, had been bombed so much in World War II, that it had turned into a pile of debris. The reconstructed city today has become a city of design as a city which interesting and amazing structures are alined.

The Erasmus Bridge which make its mark between symbols of Rotterdam, one hour away by train from Amsterdam, is also one of these structures. The bridge, originally named Erasmusbrug, was officially opened on 6 September 1996 by Queen Beatrix. The first vehicle passed from the bridge in October of the same year.

Erasmusbrug, one of the most famous bridges not only of the Netherlands but also of Europe, forms a very important link between the north and the south of Rotterdam. The bridge connecting the two sides of the Nieuwe Maas River, colors up the city skyline as well as facilitating transportation.


The bridge, designed by architect Ben van Berkel, is carried by an asymmetric column of 802 m in length and 139 m in height. The 89 m' section of the southern wing of the structure included in cable-stayed bridge category, was made by bascule bridge technique. With its this feature, The Erasmus Bridge have the feature of being the tallest and heaviest building on the european continent.

The bridge, which cost 75 million Euros, can be seen in the same frame in harmony with the watch tower Euromast, which is among symbols of Rotterdam.


The Erasmus Bridge witness different from each other event in the busiest and most central point of the city every period of the year. On the bridge that can be seen during your visit to Rotterdam, it is possible to come across some of the Hollywood movies, Red Bull airplane races, dance contest shows or a stage of France Bike Tour.

With its dynamic population, nightlife, historical and cultural structures, safe streets and roads, among the places to visit in the Netherlands, Rotterdam is on the route of travel lovers.

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