Look at Rotterdam from the Top: Euromast, Rotterdam

There are symbolic towers that can watch the city from a bird's eye view in many cities of Europe. Just as there are Paris's Eiffel Tower, Brussels's Atomium, so there is Euromast of Rotterdam, which is Holland's architectural capital. It is a good choice to see the city of Rotterdam from a height of 100 meters.

Euromast, which was only 100 meters high during when it was built firstly, was completed between 1958 and 1960. The Space Tower, which was added in 1970 with renovation works, added 85 meters to the height of Euromast.

 Euromast, which can be seen from almost everywhere in Rotterdam today, is an important center of attraction especially with lightings that is made when it is dark.


The tower that architect Maaskant designed  in the flower and gardening exhibition is on records as the most recognizable symbol of the city of Rotterdam.

Pleasure of eating in the restaurant of the tower which enable looking the city from a bird's eye view by observation platform located at an altitude of 100 m, is merely felt by experiencing.

Den Hag (The Hague) and Antwerp (Belgium) cities can be easily seen from the platform which is gone up by the high-speed, two stage elevators, when it is a clear day. The height of 100 meters that can be reached in a short time like 30 seconds, get you to an incredible view.

In this magnificent view, it is offered that the possibility of chancing to turn Holland trip into an unforgettable adventure in suites that whether you can eat an evening meal or spend the night while enjoying Rotterdam.


It is intended to be durable of structure which 131 concrete piles, 240,000 steel constructions are used in its base, to all kinds of natural risk and earthquake.

 Euromast, one of Rotterdam's most popular destinations today, is one of the places where people want to experience a different experience and excitement. 

Rotterdam, one of the largest cities in the Netherlands, has numerous places to visit. Walking around the streets of this city, which is expressed as the capital of architecture in the country, watching the city from Euromast which is at the height of 100 m, spending time in a exhibition or art gallery are among the alternatives that can be made.



The Euromast is open every day. It can be visited from 9.30 am between April-September; from 10.00 am between October-March. The platform is open until 10 am and the kitchen closes at 10.15 pm.

Also on Saturdays, between 18:00 and 04:00, an exclusive party is held. So the restaurant is open until 4 am. Euromast ticket fee is 9.50 € for adults; 6.10 € for children (4-11 years).


Eating in numerus restaurant located in historical buildings, putting up at modern hotels, breathing in the parks helps to understand this European city.

Rotterdam, one of the most visited cities in the Netherlands, is worth a try for a different experience. I have done my Rotterdam trip during a rainy January period, but it was still enjoyable. With Gent and Brugge that will be added to the route, Rotterdam can be a good discovery route.

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