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Amsterdam, the capital city of Holland where hosts many tourists from around the world every year, is remembered as an escape point for those who want to make a "misbehavior" in a way. Amsterdam night life attracts everybody.

Easy transport in the city center, historical and cultural places, city life positioned for tourists, attract tourists who want to have fun, to Amsterdam. 


Target of tourists who the Dutch people reacts from time to time and the world blames for kicking up a fuss in Amsterdam, is generally comfort in the city.

When we put all these attractive articles one under the other, Amsterdam appears on the minds like a holiday destination where tourists fell free to spend a lot of money and often come.

Red Light District

When nightlife in Amsterdam is said, of course the only alternative is not consist of "just" fun. The Red Light District, which many travelers wander in its streets with curiosity, is said to the part of city where registered prostitutes secured by law dance invitingly from the showcases of the red small rooms.

Red light district

Several interwined main streets on the shore of canal and rooms with glass showcase arranged cheek by jowl on a few narrow streets that cut these streets attract attention of tourists who come to visit Amsterdam as much as those who want to fornicate. When the dominant color is red on the streets that especially liven up at night, people put on airs willingly or unwillingly.

A fee of 50 euros is paid for the 15-minute service. The region dating back to the 1400s, has been continuing to its function in today with the brothels that the sailors get together in the past. 

Red light district 2

When tourists' reasons for coming to Amsterdam lined up, the Red Light District top these reasons undoubtedly. The region where was mentioned on British press erstwhile with articularly British tourists farewell parties, resembles a natural film platosus with its night celebrations, costume parties and all kinds of crazy people.

Red light district

Safe Zone

The region, which reached a special law with the a decision taken by the Dutch Government in 2000, also attract attention as the safest area of Amsterdam. (It would not be wrong to say that Amsterdam does not constitute any problem for in the terms of general safety)

The prostitutes who are registered under the municipal supervision, perform their duties in police security at any time with the alarm button in their rooms. 

Especially the number of prostitutes of Eastern Europe origin is increasing year by year, but there are also women who prostitute oneself to pay university expenses.

amsterdam red light district

Amsterdam's Top 5 Night Clubs

1.Paradiso: Nightclubs whose entrances usually have fee (including a drink) and which work with reservation system, say hello to those whose purpose with all kinds of music is only dance. Paradiso, Jimmy Woo, Escape, Trouw and Melkweg which are the best night clubs in Amsterdam, as well as there are numerous bars and nightclubs waiting to welcome its visitors every period of the year.

2. Jimmy Woo: With its two-floor facility, the club which choose its visitors with a serious elimination, is compared to nightclubs in the United States. The nightclub preferred by famous singers to give concerts from time to time is also at the top of the agenda of Erasmus students. 

Jimmy Woo, which seduce people with the venue design that force to dance more, is known for its structure, which distinguishes well-dressed and stylish ones.

3. Escape: Escape which is one of the most popular entertainment venues not only in Amsterdam but also in the Netherlands and Benelux countries, has a considerable awareness at the people in region rather than tourists. When electro, house, techno music revive with the famous DJs, the environment is filled with those who want to resign themself to music.

4. Trouw: Founded on an industrial zone in East Amsterdam, on old the old printing facility of Het Parool, Trouw and NRC which are the largest newspapers of the Netherlands, is the address of those looking for a different experience. There is also a restaurant in the center which Amsterdam can be reached by a 20-minute tram. This venue, which has its name written in the letters of gold on Amsterdam nightlife, is one of the places that must be visited in the city.

5. Melkweg: Melkweg, which means the Milky Way in Dutch, comes from a nested cultural structure built on an old milk factory. The structure which theater, cinema halls and cafés are situated inside is ideal for live music shows. It is more preferred for live scene shows.

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