How to Get to Alexandroupoli?

Alexandroupoli or Dedeağaç in Turkish, is known as one of the closest addresses of fun. With its long sandy beaches, clean blue sea, streets living up in the evening hours and people who love to enjoy, Alexandroupoli is one of the most important tourism centers of Greece.  

The streets of the city are immaculate and illuminated, its bazaars is live, the port is bustling the night life is very famous. In summers, when the it is evening, the coastal road is closed to traffic, after that the city assumes pretty nice apparance. There are sparkling cafes, bars, taverns, fish restaurants in everywhere. A perfect holiday city as you can see.

Aleksandropolis, the entrance gate of Western Thrace, is one of the 13 cities of Greece's Evros Governorate. Turks consist 20 thousand of the total population of 120 thousand. When you continue to westward from Alexandroupolis, you reach Gümülcine, İskeçe, Kavala and Thessaloniki respectively.

Among the places to be seen in the city are the Deniz Feneri, the Armenian Orthodox Church, the Thracian Ethnology Museum and the Alexandroupolis Historical Museum. Vistonida Lake located on the Xanthi way and Agios Nikolaos Church and Virgin Mary Church located in the small islands on the lake are also among the places to be seen.

How to Get to Alexandroupoli?

There are bus services to Alexandroupoli from Athens. Those who want to get to Alexandroupoli where is 304 km from Istanbul and 45 km from Edirne Ipsala Border Gate, can use buses every day of week from Esenler Bus Station.

Those who want to go from Istanbul to Dedeagac can go with special vehicles if they complete the necessary documents. It is compulsory to have a vehicle insurance, called a triptyque for those who will go to Greece by car.

The minimum 15 day insurance is 60 € and the necessary transactions are made in insurance companies. There is also an obligation to have an international driving license whose price is 350 TL and this is asked at the border crossing.

It is possible to do this processes from the Turing office at the Ipsala border gate, but keep in mind that there may be crowded queues especially at weekends and holidays.

Border crossings last about half an hour, but i also have friends who say it can last 4-5 hours during the holidays.

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