The Place Where Napoleon Lose : Augustusplatz, Leipzig

Leipzig is a city where visitors to Germany's east shouldn't have to go by without a visit. Leipzig which is selected as Germany's most beautiful German city in previous years is a city where cultural and commercial activities are heavily. Although the city center was bombed during wartime, it has become one of the places where Europe's most vibrant life can be seen after its restoration work.

Augustusplatz is a perfect start to discovery the city. This vast square is surrounded by architectural structures dating from different times. Do not go by not seeing the egg-shaped monument. 

Augustusplatz 2

At the history of Leipzig, Augustusplatz witnessed many important events. One of the historical events that increase the significance of the city, is the coming here and facing off againts an alliance formed by the European states in 1813, of Napoleon, who proved his superiority in Europe, and his defeat.

In the memory of this defeat, the street is called 18th October (Strasse des 18.Oktober). There are now student dormitories on both sides of this street.

Places to see in Augustusplatz

The Opera; The building, which was destroyed in the Second World War, was reopened in 1960. Opera and ballet productions are held in this new opera house with 1267 seats.

Gewandhaus Concert Hall; The construction of the building which is the only concert hall built by the former East Germany, lasted 57 months and opened in 1981.

Gewandhaus Concert Hall

The Paulinum; Building resembling church, is an auditorium belonging to Leipzig University. It opened in 2007 in memory of Paul Church (Paulinerkirche) destroyed in 1968.

City High-Rise (City-Hochhaus); 142.5 meters high building of the city is a symbol of the city in a sense at the same time. According to the plans prepared by Hermann Henselmann who is Architect Professor, it is built between 1968 and 1972. The building is home to numerous offices, a panorama restaurant and an observation platform. The entrance fee for the viewing platform is 3 €.

The Mende Fountain (Mendebrunnen); The fountain located in front of Gewandhaus Concert Hall, was made in 1886; but the fountain damaged in battle, was restored in 2014.

the mende fountain

Democracy Bell (Demokratieglocke); It is located at the entrance to the Grammatische Street. In 2009, it was put up in honor of the twentieth year of the revolution. 70,000 demonstrators gathered on October 9, 1989, protested and overthrew the SAD regime. Leipzig, one of the three largest cities of Old East Germany with a population of over half million, is about an hour and a half away from Berlin



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