More Than a Museum: Red Bull Hangar-7, Salzburg

Hangar 7 Museum, owned by Red Bull, is located in Salzburg, Austria. It's one of the most interesting, most inventive and beautiful museums I've ever seen. The museum in the city where the classical music Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born, is a pretty swanky place where Red Bull brings together aviation, culture and high-quality gastronomy under one roof.

Salzburg, on the western of Austria, is a beautiful city set on two sides of the Salzach River. Salzburger Altstadt which take place on the UNESCO Heritage List, is at the top of the list of places to visit in Salzburg. Hangar 7, opposite Salzburg Airport, belonging to Red Bull is also one of the place to be seen when going to the city or returning from the city. 

Red Bull Hangar-7, Salzburg

Hangar-7 where World War II fighter planes, motorcycles, helicopters, demonstration planes and  Formula-1 cars are exhibited, is strictly a modern aircraft hangar in appearance. The first thing that attracts the attention on the building designed by architect Volkmar Burgstaller's innovative architectural concept is steel wings reminiscent of a plane and glass. The huge complex was built on an area of 3,700 square meters by using 1,200 tons of steel and 280 tons of special glass. 

hangar 7 salzburg

They have jets that make up the Flying Bulls collection, a watercraft and the old war planes dating back to the 1940s and beyond. Among the interesting objects exhibited at Hangar-7, compressed clothes that Astronaut Felix Baumgartner worn when jumping from the stratosphere last year and Red Bull Stratos capsule are also take place. 

hangar 7 salzburg 2

My first job was to go to the museum next to the airport as soon as I arrived in Salzburg, which I flew from İstanbul with Turkish Airlines. Opened in August 2003, the Hangar-7 is open every day from 09:00 am to 22:00 pm and the admission is free.  Its web site:

The Hangar-7 is not just a museum, it is also a gastronomic center where the highest quality meals are served at the Ikarus restaurant. On the restaurant where Roland Tretti do permanent chief, every month, menus that Michelin masters chefs prepare, are served to guests. It serves between 12.00-14.00 for lunch and from 19.00-22.00 for dinner.

red bull hangar 7

This impressive museum was designed by Salzburg's famous billionaire Dietrich Mateschitz as a venue where creativity and technology can be synthesized. Pilot-licensed Mateschitz living in Salzburg is known to have enjoyed flying with the Falcon 900 and the Piper Super Cub. At the same time, he is owner the Laucala Island in Fiji which he bought 7 million dollars from the Forbes family. With his luxurious summer resort on this island, he had occupied the media for a long time.

redbull hangar 7

Mateschitz's money and what he do don't really matter us but we recommende that visit this wonderful musem where offers both aviation technology and art together with gourmet delights. With its medieval buildings, large and small squares decorated with baroque architecture, splendid walls of the Hohensalzburg castle and the old town called Altstadt, Salzburg is a city that should be seen.


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