A Bektashi Tomb in Albania: Sarı Saltuk Tomb

Krujë, one of our favorite places in Albania, is one of the places where the Ottoman heritage can be seen in the Balkans. Krujë known as Akçahisar in Ottoman, was established on the slopes of the Krujë Mountains and has a magnificent view.

The city fell under Ottoman rule during the reign of Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror. İskender Bey who rebelled against the Ottoman Empire, continued his ruling here for 24 years until Ottoman domination came.

The Turkish ties with the Albania, which coming from the past, are manifested with Bektashi's tombs which is located in many regions of the country. Dervishes serving in sects, the heart of Islamic Sufi movements, used to accompanie to the Ottoman army on campaign and they were given the right to free movement in the newly conquered lands by the sultan.

Sarı Saltuk is an important figure for the Balkans and especially for the people of Albania. we visited the Sarı Saltuk Tomb on the way to Kruja. Such tombs in this geography get a part in the spread of Islam in the Balkans. While we were going to Kruja Castle from Kruja center by bus, we get off on the Bektashi lodge on the road. There were 3 more girls getting off with me. Some of them had tracksuits on them. Obviously they came for some sort of morning ritual.

It is a tomb said that it belongs to Sarı Saltuk, who was said to bring peace and tolerance language to these lands centuries ago, in addition to Muslims, also visited by Christians. There are also many tombs that are said to belong to Sarı Saltuk in Anatolia. There are representative paintings of Ali on the wall of the tomb that many people visited with the belief that Sarı Saltuk was. There is a footprint believed to belong to the Sarı Saltuk in the middle of the tomb where there is no chest or grave. Sarı Saltuk is being handed down like a legeng from generation to generation in Albania.

One of the disciples of Haji Bektash Veli, acquiring legendary identity while living yet, the dervish is a person who Christians aslo visit in addition to Muslims. Sarı Saltuk is known as the dervish who traveled to neighboring regions, especially the Balkans, to inform people of Islam before the Balkans were conquered by Ottoman. Related that he take an important role during the conquest of Rumelia, Sarı Saltuk Baba is also known as Sultan Sarı Saltık Muhammed Buhâri, Saltık Bay Sultan and Sarı Saltuk Dede.

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