How to Get to Montenegro?

Black Mountain, better known as Montenegro, is a Balkan country located in Southeast Europe. With its the towns and villages facing the Adriatic coasts, it would be right to say that a holiday country where Europeans often slope off. In the country, there is almost only tourism on the behalf of industry. 

Tourism in the country is active and alive both in winter and summer. While the beaches and beaches are full during summer season; One of the most colorful holidays of the Christian world, Easter is celebrated with worth seeing sceneries in Montenegro. Montenegro whose streets infest an eye-catching beauty at Christmas time, fascinate people with its appearance. Especially places which we can recommend you to visit in Montenegro are Kotor and Budva.

Where is Montenegro?

There are Albania and Kosovo on the east of Montenegro, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina on the west, Adriatic Sea on the south and Serbia on the north.

Montenegro is the second youngest state in the world. With a referendum held in 2006, it declared its independence with 55.5% yes vote. According to the 2012 forecasts, Montenegrins consists 43%, Serbs 32%, Bosnians %8 of the country which has a population of 657,394. In the country whose the official language is Montenegrin language, also languages such as Serbian, Bosnian, Albanian is spoken. In the country where Orthodox Christians consist of 74%, Muslim take the second place, Catholics take the third place.

Zla Kolata, from the Prokletije Mountains on the border of Albania, is the highest point of the country. Just opposite, eastern coasts of Italy are located.

How to Get to Montenegro?

The most convenient airport transfer to Montenegro is provided via Podgorica Airport, 11 kilometers from the capital city of Podgorica. In addition to the airport used for international flights, Tivat Airport, located near Kotor, is used extensively during the summer months.

Bus: In addition to Turkey, There are also bus services from nearby Balkan countries, such as Dubrovnik, Split and Belgrade. The buses also undergo to the terminals of Kotor, Podgorica and Budva.

Train: The only place to get direct transport to Montenegro by train is Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. At the end of this train journey, you can reach the train stations in Podgorica and Bar.

Car: Montenegro has convenient ways to drive. Therefor, it is possible to reach the country by car, especially from Montenegro's neighbors and close countries such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, after obtaining appropriate and necessary documentation.

Boat​: Regular ferry services between Italy's Bari and Montenegro's Bar cities are organized. In this way, a pleasant journey to Montenegro can be made by sea transportation.

Interurban Transportation

Train: Those who prefer cheap, comfortable but slow travel, can make a tranquil trip to the railway stations in Bar, Podgorica, Kolasin, Mojkovac and Bijelo.

Car:  In Montenegro, where the traffic flows on right, it is necessary to obtain an international driver's license to drive a car. In the country whose ways has generally drive convenience, it is possiable to get help from car hire offices located at the airport or city centers to rent cars.

Bus: Buses can be used for intercity transportation for economic and rapid transport. Buses moving frequently and timely, usually operate intensely between Kotor-Budva-Tivat-Podgorico.

Boat: Tripping the cities and towns which have the most spectacular shores of the Adriatic Sea in Montenegro by boat tour, is a very attractive option. Standard tour options in coastal cities may be preferred to realize this tour or a special route can be set up, the boat can be rented.

Remember that Montenegro uses the euro currency. As well as Wi-Fi service in the bars and cages, it is also possiable to access to the internet in hotels or some touristic areas. In addition, internet cafes in the country are still widely used in this sense.

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