Practical Informations About Batumi Sightseeing

Located in the shade of the Caucasus Mountains, establised on the Black Sea coast the resort city Batumi, is the most beautiful and oldest city of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara of Georgia. Located within 22 kilometers of the Sarp border gate of Turkey, Batumi offers a life in touch with nature with its lush green parks, jogging and bicycle paths along the coast. The green, which is concentrated in the parks, continues in the city, around the wide streets, between the low-rise buildings and in the squares.

Georgia also has very different geographical regions. The Acara region, which Batumi is also on, is full of greenery and there is a coast to the sea. The Russian border is also protected by very high mountains.

batumiFacts About Batumi

The development of urban civilization in Georgia began in the fourth century. The history of Batumi goes back to the Middle Ages. Throughout history, it was exposed to Roman, Byzantine, Arab, Seljuk, Ottoman and Russian influxes. Georgians accepted Christianity in the 4th century. In the 17th century some ethnic Georgians became Muslims.

Regional center of Autonomous Republic of Acara Batumi; with Georgian, Armenian, Russian, Azeri, Acar, Abkhazian, Ossetian and other ethnic groups, As a city with a population of 180,000, shows a national mosaic appearance. 60% of the population are Christian Orthodox, 35% are Muslims and 5% are other religions. Georgia is located in the UTC + 4 time zone. Citizens of 94 countries, including the United States, can travel Georgia without visa for 365 days.

Practical Informations for Batumi Sightseeing

Georgian Alphabet

 Georgian, which is one of the oldest living languages, comes from the South Caucasus-Kartuli language family, uses the Georgian alphabet developed in the fifth century.The Georgian alphabet, which is one of the 14 alphabets used in the world, is read as written. The Georgian alphabet, which is one of the 14 alphabets used in the world, has 33 symbols, 28 of which are consonant and 5 are vowel. Almost everyone in Batumi speaks Turkish.

Georgian Currency

Georgian national currency Lari (GEL) has been in use since 1995. 100 tetris equals 1 Lari. The currency of Georgia consists of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 paper Laris and 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 iron Tetras. While you are going to Batumi, you can get Dollar, Euro or Turkish Lira. You can convert your money to Lari in exchange bureau located in many places in the city. It is said that the dollar exchange rate is better off. In most places in Batumi, US Dollar or Turkish Lira is also available. It is possible to withdraw money from ATMs located in many parts of the city. Debit and credit cards can be used in many hotels, shops, cafes and bars.

Is Batumi safe?

It can be said that Batumi is safer than many European countries. Rarely reported cases of pickpocketing are at the level of the most reliable cities. As a general rule, do not carry too much cash with you on travel. Keep money in your pocket for daily spending and do not take out all your money while you are paying.

People living in Batumi are generally known as friendly and hospitable people. Although they speak and debate loudly, it can not be said they are very quarrelsome. Tourism is a major source of income in the city and Because everyone is aware of this, they generally respect against tourists.

Electrical Outlets

In Batumi, 2 pin 220 volt AC, 50 Hz sockets are used. For those who have different devices, it would be good to have an adapter because it's not so easy to find an adapter in the city.


It is possible to find free public Wi-Fi throughout the Ninoshvili Street, which runs from the Intourist Palace Hotel to the University. Most hotel cafes, restaurants and bars have free internet service. It is also possible to find internet cafes with W emblem on it; Hourly rate 1.50 Lari / hour.

Batumi Climate

One of the most interesting cities in the South Caucasus, Batumi has a subtropical clime. Therefore, it is also called the Mediterranean of the Black Sea. With the middle of May the weather begins to warm up and you can have a swim by the end of September. Spring is the best time to go to Batumi. It might be a good idea to have a long-sleeved cotton for cooler weather.

Batumi Transportation

It is possible to pass to Batum with a private vehicle from Turkey. Those who want to travel to Georgia with a vehicle that is not registered in their name, need to have the power of attorney issued by the vehicle owner. It is possible to go to the city center by taxi or local minibuses from the airport which is located 5 km south of the city. The city's attractions can easily be explored on foot. if necessary taxi is the most convenient option. It is enough to pay 5-10 Lari for a lot of place. In Batum the shared taxis are called marshrutka. There are bus and rail connections to reach other cities of Georgia.

Batumi Shopping

Batumi Plaza in the city center is frequented by electronic enthusiasts. Electronic products of American origin are in high demand. When you buy cigarettes, drinks and electronic products like iPhone, iPad, you are almost out of your travel expenses. Other than these, wood carving products are interesting.

Batumi Nightlife

Batumi is a clean, beautiful, peaceful city.It has good food, good beach, good hotel, but does not offer many thing in terms of entertainment and night life. The nightlife consist loud music and expensive drinks in the clubs. They are inadequate in terms of live music and quality.

Most of the nightclubs require an entry fee of 10-15 Lari. After 23:00 pm the clubs start to become crowded and many clubs are open until 4:00 am.

Public Holidays

1-2 January New Year, 7 January Orthodox Chiristmas, 19 January Baptism Day, 3 March Mother's Day, 8 March Women's Day, 9 April Martyrs Day, 9 May Victory Day, 12 May Commemoration Day, 26 May Independence Day (National Day), 28 August Mariamoba, 14 October Religious Feast, 23 November Religious Feast.

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