Batumi Boulevard, Batumi

Batum is one of the cities I like. Even, spending time in the parks of the city which I found the opportunity to go 3 times, is worth going there. It is from rare cities which green and blue meet. One of the most attractive places in the city is also Batum Boulevard.

The length of the boulevard, which dates back to 1881 and was initially 1.5 km, now exceeds 7 km. When all of it is built, it is anticipated that it extends from the city center to the airport and it's total length exceeds 15 km.

Batumi Boulevard, which was once used as a garbage dump of the city, turned into a heaven by the touching of magic hands. Along the boulevard running on the shade of palm trees, it is encountered that fountains dancing with light and music, impressive sculptures, interesting architectural structures. The cycle path is also a project that city planners should take example.

batumi cycle path

6 May Park, known as Alexander's Garden which is one of beautiful parks located on the boulevard, is one of the places that you can take a break. On the right middle of it, Lake Nurigeli which is an artificial lake with pleasant scenery, is situated. Also on the clostest part of park to Sheraton Batumi Hotel, there is also a small zoo which some animals and bird species can be seen.

There are many buildings worth seeing which have interesting architecture along the boulevard. The Tower Restaurant, reminiscent of the Pisa tower in Italy, was the first place I discovered in the city. The White Restaurant, which serves 24 hours a day, is also very interesting with its architectural style built inversely. Many buildings, especially the Palace of Justice which turns into a giant shamans with its wonderful illumination, constitutes the silhouette of Batumi.

batumi palace of justice

batumi entertainment

Batumi is a pleasant city where design urban texture, luxurious casino hotels, newly built modern buildings, neglected apartments and old churches are together. Situated on the Black Sea coast of Georgia, Batumi is a city where you can visit with your identity card, without the need for a passport. It's worth a visit for a weekend trip.

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