Nabulwinjbulwinj Wall Painting, Australia

Australia is home to Aborigines, one of the world's oldest and still living cultures. Kakadu National Park, located in the north of this smallest continent of the world, was one of the main landmarks of the Abrojins in the past. The story of each of Aboriginal wall paintings is hidden in these walls. 

One of the most famous of these is the wall Nabulwinjbulwinj Wall Painting. The soul on the wall art located in the Ubirr region of Australia Kakadu National Park, Nabulwinjbulwinj is considered a dangerous soul for Aborigines. It is believed that this soul kills women and then eat them.

Kakadu, sacred for the Aborigines, is a place where a large number of Aboriginal wall paintings can be seen. Visitors to this region are advised to observe the rules strictly due to they wander in a sacred area. To follow just walkways and not to touch wall paintings are among the certain rules. 

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