One of the World’s Most Interesting Markets: Floating Market, Thailand

We think that the best way of recognizing a country is to visit through its markets. Markets are places that best reflect the country's culture and lifestyle. In the market places where colors, smells and voices converge, it is very pleasant to get an idea about human and culture.

The floating market is located near the city of Nakhon Pathom, 120 km outside the capital city of Bangkok. You can find a wide range of products in shops where vegetable, fruit, handmade or hand-woven souvenirs are sold, spices, boats where fresh food is cooked and sold in market.

This market, which has now become a totally touristy event, opens with the first lights in the morning and lasts until noon. You can wander around the canals by boat which you board, shop right from the shops on the coast, buy the fruits sold on boats, and also order food prepared on the boat and eat it again in your boat.

At the weekends, the number of boats navigating on the canals is so crowded that, emerging traffic, provides us to be witness to the displayings we often see in the documentaries. 

While the shops surrounding the market, are filled with cheap souvenirs made in China and Asia, ships are still full of traditional products. The ships selling tropical fruits is our favorite. Rambuta, mangosteen and mango are our favorites. If you are hungry, you can also approaching a boat, taste the famous Thai food.

The king of Thailand is not allowed to farming in the country with chemical fertilizer. So do not forget that all fruits, vegetables and textile products made in Thailand in this market are organic. Thailand is one of the rare countries where healthy, organic products that have not been modified genetically.

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market is one of Bangkok's most famous open-air markets. The thing rendering him orginal, is that the market place is lined up around the canals. This place is at the top of the places to be seen in Bangkok. At least allow your half-day.

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